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Talking about apartments, I’ve always dreamed of a luxury apartment for myself (hihi… dream!). I just really like it, because the imagined apartment tends to have a modern minimalist-style interior design that is abroad. They usually have very unique and charming design knowledge, you know, even those I haven’t met with interior design like in Indonesia. Maybe it can be a reference for us too… for Indonesian designers to develop their interior design works

Affordable Apartment in New York With a Great Pleasure on It

Choosing an apartment, of course, does not have to be seen from the physical or appearance, but also must look at the location, comfort and environment where the apartment is located. In addition, you can also calculate the area of ​​an apartment in addition to the number of families who will occupy the apartment. It’s another case if you are interested in investing, it seems that it can be your future choice for success, right? When talking about the city of New York, housing or residential around New York certainly has a price that is quite draining the wallet.

But, if you want an apartment location around New York City, you must read this article. From here, you will get enlightenment about the apartment you will invest in or if you choose an apartment as your residential home. Here I will discuss the story of a property agent or intermediary named Michael Graves who several years ago with Douglas Elliman who had a lucky young client, he sold his company and then decided to invest in northern Brooklyn real estate. After that, he took some money and took out a map to see where he could buy real estate that suited him. After consulting with experts, he got data from PropertyShark in the form of complete housing data along with the percentage of apartment prices around New York.

Through PropertyShark’s interactive map, they can compare real estate prices with specifics around Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. By comparing real estate prices in Manhattan at $975,000, here are PropertyShark’s 5 Percentage of cheap apartments around New York. can be your reference to do property business in New York:

1. Battery Park City – 19% cheaper

You can choose an apartment in the city of Battery Park, and there are several reasons why you should like it, namely this residential house in Battery Park has schools that go to the edge of a large park with subway access. But there’s also a reason the average price is only $771,000 and about 19% lower than the average Manhattan housing estate. Housing at Battery Park is on a 92-acre plot of land owned by the owners of Battery Park, which is a New York-built co-profit company.

Where apartment owners have to pay land rent to BPCA, which means their monthly costs tend to be higher. (During the economic downturn, it was also more difficult for buyers to get mortgages because of this arrangement). However, Battery Park has a bad reputation with the nickname ghost town at night it is the story of the people who live around there, so to throw away that reputation the founders of Battery Park tried to rebuild the World Trade Center and the construction is already underway. This is so that Battery Park will be visited again.

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2. Lower East Side – 42% cheaper

Part of the Lower East Side is located near the river with only subway access. Combining legal zones that limit how high-rise buildings are built, and the difficulty of finding a luxury condominium building with adequate facilities. Where most neighborhood homes are affordable as many as 4,500 units at an average price of $ 576,000 with 42% cheaper and lower than in Manhattan. This can also be an option for the property business.

3. Gramercy Park-13% lower

Gramercy Park is more synonymous with luxury housing, you know, and it turns out that not only housing in Manhattan has a private garden but also the housing here also has a private garden. In fact, apartments here tend to be more affordable even though they have almost the same facilities as Manhattan, which is for only $852,000 you can already have an apartment in Gramercy park. Its about 13% cheaper than residential Manhattan.

4. Kips Bay-27% lower

Want to have a strategic house that can be passed by various public transportation? Yes, you can choose an apartment in Kips Bay with a relatively lower average selling price of $710,000. This area is also occupied by the NYU Langone Medical Center Hospital. Apartments in this area are popular with first-time apartment buyers who are attracted by the sheer number of smaller units.

5 . Harlem – 37% to 49% lower

Like the soaring New York real estate, Harlem is also facing another wave of gentrification, with agents or middlemen hoping to push the average price much higher than it is today with a range of between $507,000 to $611,000. So, so that you know clearly about everything about renting apartments in New York, try checking the video first

If you want to study in New York later, you can consider the information above or directly check PropertyShark to see the percentage price and condition of the apartment and the apartment environment itself. Which of course must also be followed by a budget or budget that supports you, of course


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