Old Town Alexandria, VA: New Best Spots For Relaxation in Year 2022

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There are plenty of new spots for hangouts and relaxation in Old Town Alexandria, VA. To come this place is just minutes from Washington DC, in 2022. The Old Town Alexandria, VA is a city of Waterfronts where independent merchants run small businesses.

There are various merchants from retail and restaurants to associations and hotels, for more than 200 years. From eye-catching public art to new restaurant entry to immersive dark history experiences.

This town also have a diverse community, with the majority of our businesses remaining small, unique, and independently owned. Experience all that the beautiful and unique Old Town Alexandria has to offer!

Old Town Alexandria Waterfront Gets a New Hangout Spot

The progress of Old Town Alexandria Waterfronts is can see with the opening of the Robinsons Landing development last year 2021. The Old Town Alexandria new southern waterfront has blossomed with many outstanding waterfront restaurants. Southern Waterfront District now offering a broader selection of dining options.

BARCA Pier and Wine Bar


Located on the waterfront in historic Old Town Alexandria. Barca Pier is a modern take on a traditional Spanish beach bar or chiringuitos. Constructed from shipping containers. Barca Pier offers an outdoor dining area with seating for up to 200 guests at a table, a bar and lounge area with a retractable awning.

The adjacent Barca is an intimate space, adorned with lush, vibrant jewel-toned walls and delicately brushed gold light fixtures. Barca Wine Bar is ideal for cocktail receptions or casual gatherings of up to 40 guests (indoors) and offers a wide variety of unique wines from around the world.

The outdoor deck offers outdoor seating for 24 people with sweeping views of the Potomac River. Menus at both venues will emphasize Mediterranean, Greek, Italian, and Moroccan-inspired side dishes.

Ada’s on the River

Paying homage to 19th-century mathematician Ada Lovelace in Old Town Alexandria. Ada’s on the River offers expansive views of the Potomac River along with premium wood-fired steaks, fresh seafood, and vegetarian options.

The 260-seat restaurant features 160 tables indoor seating, a large bar, and high ceilings, including a 32-seat private dining room and 100 outdoor seating on the patio.

The interior was designed by Hapstak Demetrios. With 15-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and inviting seating, creating a warm and modern ambiance. The wood-burning stove is the centerpiece of the open kitchen, which sits beneath curved hull-like wood paneling and is adorned with bright red tiles.

The private dining room features a foldable screen for presentations, river views, and flexible seating. The original artwork features Ida, her father, the poet Lord Byron and other characters including Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, and Emily & Charlotte Bronte.

Ada’s talented culinary team, led by Executive Chef Randall J. Matthews, creates a variety of delicious, fresh menus. Choices range from delicious hors d’oeuvres to sumptuous bespoke buffets and multi-course meals.

Misha’s Coffee House

Misha’s Coffee House is a new rooftop and balcony dining joined the area in mid-to-late 2021. This cafe location at new Prince Street includes rooftop seating with a river view at Old Town Alexandria.

Some things are worth the time, care, and attention to detail. At Misha’s, we think coffee is one of them. Our beans are handpicked and hand-roasted daily by masters (men and women).



While local favorite Chadwicks expanded its outdoor seating with a balcony and new patio area in Old Town Alexandria. Chadwicks is serving classic American cuisine. Best brunch in Old Town Alexandria, Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Kitchen open ’til 1 a.m. every night. Family friendly. Cozy atmosphere and lots of life in this restaurant. It was a busy Friday night yet we were able to be quickly seated.

Picnic and Peonies


These new alfresco dining options are joined by Picnic and Peonies. Where picnickers can indulge in a photogenic luxury setting with the option of adding hummingbird treats. Picnic & Peonies is Alexandria’s premier luxury picnic company, enabling people to celebrate special moments in a beautiful and safe way.

These experiences can be indoors or outdoors. Low picnic seating or regular table seating – for a beautiful pop-up tabletop view. Events can be as small as two people or as large as 120 people and are the perfect way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, and more!

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At the end of Union Street in Old Town Alexandria. Beautiful orange blossoms fill the garden walls. Follow the path to the water’s edge and you’ll find yourself at HUMMINGBIRD.

A lively bar serving food inspired by the traditional American spirit: poached clams and crab, fried fish and grilled oysters.

HUMMINGBIRD’s menu follows the rhythm of the seasons. Celebrating seafood pride in coastal waters favorites from Chesapeake blue crab to Dublin Bay shrimp. The table fish is changed daily. Served with a dipping sauce of your choice.

And delivered straight to the table in antique containers. Surf and Turf has found a home in the form of burgers, local ribeye drizzled with aioli and wrapped in buttery lobster meat. Meat lovers can choose from Brick Lemony Chicken or A Mick’s Grill. Where the Irish chef’s humour plays on his mixed grills, roasts and savory vegetable platters – all from Barbie.

Lady Camellia

Promising another fine dining experience. Lady Camellia will cross the river from Georgetown to create an elevated tea room near Salon Mount. A short walk from the waterfront Hotel Indigo.

Afternoon tea has always been something Debbie and Han have loved. But they have struggled to find a warm and friendly Washington area tea room to attend.

Around the world, each community holds its unique way of enjoying tea, and here at Lady Camellia. Lady Camellia aspires to be the locale that serves as a middle ground where cultures and traditions can intertwine.

That’s what Lady Camellia is all about. A place where family and friends can gather to relax, reconnect, and take a break from their busy lives; a place where everyone can come together to enjoy savories and pastries, as well as complement their treats with the finest teas and tisanes.

Note: We are suspending service to focus on reopening our tea room @Waterfront Old Town Alexandria, expected for Winter 2022. We apologize for the inconvenience and we can’t wait to serve you all again!

Potomac Paddle Club

Before you dine, whet your appetite at the Potomac Paddle Club. The region’s first “bike boat” will join Alexandria’s cruise service in May 2021. The 2022 cruising season will have a larger pontoon that can accommodate 10 to 20 people.

The Potomac Paddle Club is the first and only pontoon paddle boat or “bike boat” in the nation’s capital! Named the “Best New Way to Drink Water” by The Washingtonian Magazine, this social, active adventure is a great way for friends, family, tourists, and colleagues to drink, bike, and drink while enjoying some of America’s most monumental attractions. The perfect way to party area.

Passengers sit on comfortable bike seats that can accommodate 10 people on the mahogany bar, and they can descend the river at their own pace. Whether you’re a spinner, a casual cyclist, or have never ridden a bike, there is something for everyone.

The whole boat works together to spin the paddle wheel as our experienced captain sails down the Potomac (don’t worry – we also have a motor to help and even take over when needed so you don’t have to). step out).

There are 10 bike stations on board and the boat can accommodate up to 16 passengers, so not everyone has to pedal at the same time. The front of the boat features a furnished lounge area for some party members to rest or stand while their buddies refuel on the journey. Recliners and kickers can change positions at any time!

Bike boats have operated from the George Town waterfront in the past, but we are now pleased to announce that we will be launching new Old Town cruises from the Old Town Alexandria waterfront on select Fridays throughout the summer!

This BYOB cruise lasts 2.5 hours with a 30-minute stopover at National Harbor. Where passengers can use the restrooms, enjoy a drink and/or food at a waterfront restaurant. And explore everything National Harbor has to offer before reloading by boat back to Old Town Alexandria.


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