3 Areas Old Town North Alexandria Development Program May 2022

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In May 2022, Old Town North Alexandria has Development Program released several development areas. Where there are 3 areas included in the North Virginia Old Town development plan.

The Old Town North Alexandria, VA Development Program includes changes to an office building that is rarely used to the addition of space for restaurants and arts tenants.

Office buildings at 2121 and 2111 Eisenhower Ave can make room for 802 housing units. Meanwhile, the renovation of the 7-storey building at 1101 King St can fill up to 210 new residential units. The Madison palace office building will add space for the Arts Tenant and a new restaurant space.

Let’s look at the article regarding the Old Town North Alexandria, VA development program as follows:

Old Town North Alexandria Office Building Can Be Converted into Residential Space

Building at 1101 King St. - old town north virginia development May 2022.

Area 1101 King St. is a large office building in Old Town North Alexandria, VA. With retail on the ground floor that can be converted into 210 residential units.

The building occupies more than two-thirds of the block bounded by King Street, North Henry Street (South 1), Cameron Street, and North Fayette Street.

The building was built in the 1980s and renovated in 2017. It has a spacious interior atrium and several floors of office suites. 1101 King Street is conveniently located on the corner of King Street and Richmond Highway/Route 1.

Provides strategic access to the U.S. Circuit Court of Alexandria Bankruptcy Court and top-notch shopping and dining. The King Street Tube is a half mile walk or hop on a free trolley. The location provides easy access to I-495, I-395, Route 7 and Route 1. For business travelers, Reagan National Airport is only 5 miles away.

The fourth floor features a large furnished atrium, a large roof terrace, and a new conference center. Some suites open to a balcony with views of the Old Town North Alexandria, VA.

The ground floor is home to The Fresh Baguette (which opened earlier this year) as well as a delicatessen, optometrist, and Orange Theory Fitness. The building also has a conference center and a rooftop terrace on the top floor.

Buildings Such As 1101 King St Are Being Converted From Offices To Residences

According to the special housing app, “The building on the property is an old apartment office building that has had problems retaining tenants for years.

The condition of the building is about 80% empty. Due to the apartment status, this makes it difficult to build an office space with Class A conditions.

The main challenge for residential buildings is the design of the terraced terraces. Which creates an inefficient floor slab for office use. However, it provides an excellent layout for conversion to residential use.

A residential use that complements the community and is critical to the ongoing retail revitalization of King Street.”

The building is one of several in Alexandria and across the state to be converted from an office to a residence as the pandemic is changing office culture and accelerating acceptance of work-from-home arrangements.

Although the building has an above ground car park. The building was built in the 1980s and parking requirements have changed since it was built.

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As “some parking lots, driveways, and other elements of the existing garage may not meet current parking design standards”, the owner requested a reduction in the required parking space.

Office Building Remodeling for Art Tenants Space, Restaurant in Old Town North Alexandria

Several developers are eyeing an office building in Old Town North Alexandria, VA. They are looking to convert the ground floor space into restaurants and art. Some building could convert to Residents . Plans for the project will be presented to the planning committee on Tuesday evening.

The City government recommends project approval in Old Town North Alexandria, VA. The building is located at 500 Montgomery Street across from Wooboi, St. Elmo’s North, and Sister’s Thai at The Gables.

500 Montgomery St, Old Town North Alexandria, VA – Madison Place

According to the owner’s application, “The themed site includes a 102,798-square-foot. There are 8 Office buildings with proposed improvements focused on the first and second floors.”

The building, called Madison Square, has underground parking and is eight stories high. Part of the underground car park is used by the Sheraton Hotel, just south of the building.

500 Montgomery St. – Old Town North Alexandria Development Program May-2022

“The applicant intends to refurbish the existing office building, and its plans include the conversion of the existing ground floor office space into active commercial, artistic, and restaurant use, with alfresco dining entirely within the property,” the application reads.

Plans for New Housing Development in Eisenhower East to Replace Office Buildings

The prime location of Old Town North Alexandria, VA is in the Eisenhower neighborhood. This Area is also the target for building hundreds of new houses. The Developers are considering tearing down two low-rise office buildings.

2121 and 2111 Eisenhower Ave. Appearing on the planning committee’s May 3 list. Developer Mid-Atlantic Realty Partners is asking for increased density and elevation on a total of 1.9 acres to build 802 multifamily homes with six parking levels.

2121 – 2121 Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria, VA 22314

The two buildings span the block between Elizabeth Lane and Mill Road on the north side of Eisenhower Avenue. The area is ready for development Old Town North Alexandria, VA. With Carlyle Crossing (including a new Wegmans store) opening nearby and plans to build on a nearby vacant lot.

City officials recommended approval of the project, which includes 44 committed and affordable housing units, ground floor activation, and requirements for “rainwater and bioretention systems to increase runoff in existing conditions.

The employee report explains: “The architectural design includes two ‘L’ shaped towers of varying heights connected by a public parking deck.

The park’s plinth consists of separate entrances along Eisenhower Avenue and lobbies for the multifamily buildings at the east and west ends. And lounges crowded with residential units.

Several private terraces will meet the development’s open space needs. The largest of which will be on the 6th floor.

The project proposes increased street spans. Including wide sidewalks and central block intersections with new streets, street trees, benches, public lighting, and bike racks.”

Map of Development in Alexandria

There’s at least one thing the pandemic hasn’t slowed down – The development city. In Alexandria and southeastern Fairfax County. Developers are hard at work building new homes and condos, retail developments, and more office space.

Below are some of the biggest ongoing and upcoming developments in our region. As well as those that have sparked the greatest interest for our readers.

We’ll keep this map updated as new development proposals surface and we make updates on ongoing construction.

  • Red pin: Alexandria, east of Quaker Lane
  • Blue Pin: Alexandria west of Quaker Lane
  • Green Pin: Southeast Fairfax County

Zoom in and click the pins on the map to get more information about upcoming events near you!


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