Tips For Buying Cheap Plane Ticket To Japan 2022

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Here Are 8 Tips For Buying Cheap Plane Ticket To Japan

“ Japan’s accommodation costs are expensive! plane ticket expensive too… ”

Have you ever had thoughts like this ? Maybe most ordinary people have thought like this. As a developing country that has a high cost of living, Japan is often claimed to be an expensive country. As a result, some people must be afraid to make the country a vacation destination.

You need to know, Japan is not “as expensive” as you think . Some time ago Wandering shared information in an article about backpacker -style vacations to Japan . In this article, you can vacation more efficiently in this cherry country.

o make your vacation even more economical, Leisure will also share tips on buying cheap Japanese airline tickets. Wow, is it possible? You can, please ! Check out the information below, yes.

1. Before Buying plane Ticket Determine The Holiday Season

Japan plane ticket is a country that has 4 seasons, where each season will last for 3 months each year. In this country, you can enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms in bloom or play in the snow.

So, to make your vacation even more enjoyable, try to determine the season you want to see while in Japan. Let’s get to know the dates for the division of the seasons plane ticket in Japan:


The start date of the season in Japan The start date of the season in Japan plane ticket changes every year. However, spring (Spring Haru) usually starts from March 21 to June 21. Spring has cold air although not as cold as winter. If you visit here in spring, you can enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms in bloom.


After spring ends, it’s time for you to buy plane ticket and enjoy the summer season (Summer Natsu) which runs from June 21 to September 23 in Japan. The air in the Japanese summer really feels “Indonesia! “Though it’s not as hot as in the countryside.

This is the right time to visit theme parks such as Tokyo Disney Land, Tokyo Disney Sea, and Universal Studio Japan. In fact, there are all kinds of celebrations and fireworks during the summer.


September 23 – December 21 is autumn (Autum Aki) in Japan. In this season, you will see trees whose leaves turn red or orange. Famous temples in Japan are increasingly crowded in autumn. The air in autumn is also cooler.


The snow season (Winter Fuyu) is one of the high seasons , the peak where tourists from various countries come to visit this country. The season, which runs from December 21 to March 21, produces temperatures below 0 degrees. You can enjoy the beauty of Shirakawago’s snow or visit the Sapporo Snow Festival.

2. Choose Visits on Off Season

Well, you already know when the dates of the seasons in Japan take place, right ? It can be concluded that spring and winter are high seasons , where tourists definitely want to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms in bloom and play in the snow.

If you want to get plane tickets at a cheaper price, avoid traveling during peak season and choose off season instead. Off season occurs when summer in Japan. Vacation to Japan in the summer is also fun . So you can walk anywhere in casual clothes. Luggage also becomes lighter because you don’t need to bring warm clothes.

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3. Buy Plane Ticket In Advance

This tip has proven to be effective. Many people have tried tips on buying plane tickets long before departure. Use these tips when you want to vacation in Japan. The ideal time to buy tickets in advance is 6 – 12 months before departure.

So, if you have plans for a vacation to Japan next year, you should start hunting for plane tickets from now on. Make sure you and your group are completely free on the specified departure date so that the tickets that have been purchased are not in vain.

4. Hunting for Airfare Promos

For those of you who really want to take a vacation to Japan, you should always look for information about cheap flight ticket promos from now on. The reason is, both airlines or travel tour services can suddenly provide promos.

Where can you get promo tickets to Japan? Start opening the official website of every domestic and foreign airline. Then, also search on the social media of airlines, banks, or tour and travel services.

When you get the cheapest plane ticket, make a payment immediately so you don’t run out. However, you must remain vigilant in choosing tours and travel (if you get promos on travel tour services). The reason is, there are also several fake tour and travel service social media accounts who do not hesitate to commit fraud.

5. Visit the Travel Fair

One of the easiest ways to get a plane ticket to Japan is to visit a travel fair . Almost every month there is always a travel fair in big cities, from airlines, tours and travel, as well as banks.

If you know information about the travel fair , don’t hesitate to visit there immediately. The travel fair is an event that is in great demand by travelers looking for discounts. So, if you don’t want to run out of plane tickets to Japan, you should take the time to join the queue at the travel fair .

6. Direct or Transit Airline Tickets, Which Is Cheaper?

Before buying a plane ticket, first look at the type of ticket and flight that you will choose. There are three types of flights, namely direct , non- stop , and transit . So, what distinguishes the three?

  • Non- stop flights are non-stop flights directly to the destination airport.
  • Direct flights may stop at the airport to fill in the avtur but there is no change in flight number, aka you are still on the same plane.
  • Transit is the plane that you are flying will stop at an airport to change planes. You automatically have to re-move your goods during transit

Speaking of prices, flights with transit tickets are priced at lower prices. The advantage of transit is that the ticket price is cheap and you have time to walk around the airport or around the airport where your plane is transiting . However, if the transit is all day, you can’t help but have to look for lodging to rest.

Meanwhile, if you buy a direct ticket , the price may be more expensive. However, the plane only stopped briefly at the airport to affix. With direct flights , you don’t have to change planes or move your luggage.

7. Adjust to the Destination Airport

Plane ticket toJapan is a large country that has a number of airports. So, while still in Indonesia, you should determine the city you want to visit while in Japan. For example, if you want to take a walk in Osaka, you can choose a plane that flies you to the airport in Osaka because the ticket price is cheaper.

Just adjust the plane ticket to your tourist destination in Japan later. Do not let you choose an airport that turns out to be very far from the tourist location that you have specified earlier.

8. Directly Buy Round Trip Tickets

The last and most effective way to get cheap Japanese air tickets is to directly buy tickets for departure and return. Make sure you have processed it long ago. That way, you will definitely get cheap airline tickets according to the date of departure and return.

Proof of purchasing a return flight ticket is also required to apply for a Japanese visa, both e-passport and ordinary passport. So, there’s nothing wrong with buying a plane ticket to Japan to go to and from home because apart from being cheaper, proof of purchase is also needed to launch a visa application.

Still in doubt about not getting a plane ticket to Japan at a friendly price? Come on, first try the various tips above so that you can vacation in Japan with the cost of a plane ticket that doesn’t drain your wallet.


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