10 Public Transportation in Thailand that Are Ready to Take Tourists

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10 Public Transportation in Thailand! This country, which is famous for its delicious cuisine and various tourist attractions, has indeed become a list of places that must be visited. In addition to the cost of plane tickets and hotels which are quite cheap, public transportation in Thailand is also very supportive for tourists who want to go independently without having to be guided by a tour guide.

No less congested with Jakarta, traffic in Thailand, especially Bangkok, is also crowded and congested. Luckily, this white elephant country has quite a variety of public transportation so you have enough options to cut congestion and adjust the type of transportation according to your needs and budget.

Then what kind of public transportation can you use to get around some of the big cities in Thailand?

The following, 10 public transportations to explore tourist areas in Thailand.

1. Airport Rail Link (ARL) Suvarnabhumi

As the name implies, Airport Rail Link or ARL is a kind of commuter line train that connects Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city center, and vice versa. If you land at Don Mueang Airport, it’s a shame you haven’t been able to experience this fleet to get to the city center. This ARL City line will stop at 8 different stations with a travel time of approximately 30 minutes from the airport to the last station, namely Phaya Thai.

This airport train operates from 05.30-24.00 every day with 10-12 minute intervals. ARL one-way fares range from 15-45 baht depending on the distance to the stop station you choose. Previously, this ARL was divided into two lines, namely the express line (non-stop), and the city line ( stop at each station ). But unfortunately, since a few years ago this express line is no longer operating.

2. BTS (Sky Train)

The Bangkok Mass Transit System or better known as BTS or Skytrain, is a kind of train like the MRT but operated on an elevated track. Skytrain in Thailand consists of two main lines, namely the Silom Line and the Sukhumvit Line . These two BTS lines meet each other at the interchange station, Siam station, where you can change from one line to another.

Almost the same as buying MRT tickets, you can buy Skytrain tickets directly at vending machines using coins or at the clerk’s counter manually. However, unlike the MRT vending machines that have screens, this Skytrain ticket machine is simpler without a screen.

In the ticket machine there is a display of ticket prices for each stop station. You only need to enter the amount of money (only coins) according to the destination and the machine will issue a ticket card to be tapped at the entrance and returned by entering it at the exit gate.

3. Public Transportation MRT

Metropolitan Rapid Transit or MRT in Bangkok, Thailand is more or less the same as in other countries such as Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. So what’s the difference with Skytrain? If the Skytrain operates on a floating track, this MRT operates on an underground track. In addition, the companies that manage BTS and MRT are also different so they are not integrated with each other.

Although there are several BTS stations that are connected to MRT stations, such as BTS Mochit to MRT Chatucak Park, both of them have not been integrated systemically, both in terms of location and tickets. So when you want to change from the Skytrain and switch to using the MRT, you must first exit the BTS station, and then re-enter the MRT station by buying a new ticket.

Like BTS or Skytrain, you can also buy MRT tickets through a vending machine or directly at the ticketing office . There is only one MRT line in Bangkok, so it’s very easy to see the station map and you don’t have to be afraid of getting lost.

4. Bus Public Transportation In Thailand

As in other big cities, Bangkok, Thailand also still relies on buses as one of the public transportation. The bus fare itself is indeed the cheapest when compared to BTS, MRT, and even tuk-tuks. Imagine! The fare ranges from 10 baht or around 4 thousand rupiah. It’s just that, the buses here are not all air-conditioned, and many old or old buses are still operating.

Even though it’s cheap, you have to be prepared for traffic jams that you have to face at certain times. In addition, buses in Bangkok also have many routes, so you have to memorize the exact number of the bus you are going to take. Moreover, there are always bus stops located opposite each other, indicating that each of these stops is heading in the opposite direction. So, don’t get the wrong ride, okay!

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To make it easier for you to travel by bus, look for information on the bus number that you must take by entering the travel route through the Google Maps application. Google Maps will provide several alternatives, including the location of the stops, routes, and bus numbers that can pass the place you are going.

5. Chao Phraya Boat

Bangkok is one of the big cities that has succeeded in empowering water public transportation for the community, as well as tourists. There are at least 9 jetty stops along Bangkok’s longest river, the Chao Phraya. Connecting several areas in the city of Bangkok, feel a different experience by boarding ships that are usually the daily mode of public transportation for local people there.

Some of the ships that are quite familiar among tourists are the Chao Phraya Express Boat and the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat . Why? Because the routes of these two ships go to some of the favorite tourist attractions in Bangkok, such as Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and also the Grand Palace.

These ships operate from morning to evening. And like other public transportation, the conductor will ask you for a fare when you are on the ship. Quite affordable, the fares for these boats only range from 10 to 40 baht one way. As for the One Day Pass Tourist Boat, it is priced at 180 baht.

6. Taxi

Like taxis in any country, of course the taxi rate will be more expensive when compared to other public transportation such as buses or MRT. But don’t worry, because the taxi fare here is still quite reasonable and not much different from taxi fares in the country. Especially if you go more than one person, using a taxi will be much more efficient because you can share the cost .

Taxis in Bangkok in particular, apply a metered system so that the price you pay depends on the distance traveled. However, Thailand is also known as a tourist city that is prone to scamming . So don’t be surprised if there are taxis that fix prices at the beginning or we are familiar with the wholesale system . If the price offered is still reasonable, of course you can still consider it. But if it’s too high, you should immediately find another taxi.

7. Train

For those of you who don’t just go around Bangkok and want to go to other cities in Thailand such as Ayuthaya, Huahin, Chiang Mai, or even to cities in other countries such as Penang or Laos, you can use the train fleet from Hua Lamphong station. And the easiest way to get to this station is by taking the MRT to Hua Lamphong.

This ancient and largest station in Bangkok is indeed quite crowded because it serves about 130 routes, both domestic and cross-country routes. Most backpackers from various countries are also curious to try the experience of using a sleeper train from this station. In fact, it is said that the tickets are always fully booked so they have to be booked in advance .

8. Tuk Tuk

Tuk-tuk is a typical Thai public transportation that is similar to the bajai in Jakarta. You can easily find Tuk-tuks on major roads or near tourist attractions and tourist shopping places. Actually trying this public transportation is not recommended for tourists, considering that there are so many scams or scams that often occur with various modes.

Some of the scamming modes of tuk-tuks are that the tuk-tuk driver will take tourists to tourist attractions or shopping places that they shouldn’t by saying that the tourist attractions we previously went to are closed due to certain events. Usually these tuk-tuk drivers will get a commission from tourist attractions or gift shops with a note that they bring some tourists to want to visit and shop.

However, if you are still curious to try this Thai version of Bajai, then you should not be alone and stay on guard!

9. Songthaew

Almost similar to a tuk-tuk but with a bigger version, Songthaew is a public transportation that you can find in the Pattaya area . With seats facing each other and an open bed, the fare is also very cheap, starting from 10 baht depending on the distance traveled. Especially if you go to Pattaya by bus independently, then this public transportation is one you can rely on.

10. Grab

Yes! Not only in Indonesia, both Grab Bike and Grab Car have long existed in Thailand. When you arrive in Bangkok, for example, the Grab application that was previously installed on your cellphone will automatically change to the Tagalog language. But don’t worry, this application can still read and input your destination address in English.

As usual, you just need to enter the name of the destination and the rate will appear in baht currency. It’s better to prepare the right money so you don’t have to ask for change, because as is known English is not very familiar there.

Those are 10 types of public transportation that can be your reference when exploring tourist attractions in Thailand. Be wise in determining the public transportation you will use, both in terms of budget and in terms of urgency. If you can save more, of course you can buy Thai souvenirs to take to your homeland, right? Happy holidays and have a nice holiday.


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