Recommended 9 Night Markets In Singapore

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Recommended 9 Night Markets In Singapore

Singapore is an island country in southeast Asia. The country is known for its unique gardens, which are a popular tourist attraction. Its tropical rainforest climate is quite unpredictable. Singapore is home to many people from different cultures and religions living together here. Singapore is clean and safe and offers some of the most popular tourist attraction sites such as Marina Bay Sands with its luxury hotels, Sentosa where you can visit Palawan beaches, Universal Studios with a TV theme theme park, and Chinatown .where you can taste Chinese cuisine, street snacks and buy your own souvenirs. Singapore also boasts a number of lively night markets, which are ready to be explored. Keep reading for information on the best night markets in Singapore for you to visit.

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1. Chinatown Street Market

Welcome to Singapore’s amazing Chinatown market, full of adventure and exciting things to buy. The market opens at 10am but comes back to life at dusk. The market is quite noisy and lively with lots of hawkers trying to attract customers’ attention, each vying for as many buyers as possible. Beautiful old architectural designs, colorful decorations and hanging lanterns make the streets beautiful. A wide variety of food, both local and exotic are prepared and shower you with the delicious aroma of freshly fried food. Buy souvenirs from various shops as well as groceries to make your holiday memorable.

2. Little India Arcade

Little India Arcade is a number of shops housed in a single building that was built in the 1920s. The building is home to a number of renovated restaurants, bookstores and shops. This location is popular with locals and international tourists alike, and is open from 9am and usually closes at 10pm. The building is full of an amazing variety of clothes, food, and souvenirs that you can buy for your family and friends. The building is also a famous landmark and you should spend a few hours here exploring what the market has to offer.

3. Tekka Center

Tekka Center is famous for the variety of cuisines available and offers so many choices that you’ll want to buy them all. Located not far from Little India Arcade and decorated in attractive yellow and orange colors, you can’t miss it. This building used to be a warehouse before being converted and renovated into a street market. Unlike other street markets that serve a variety of food, Tekka Center mainly serves fresh Indian cuisine prepared hot. The place is arranged in rows and provided tables in front of the shops where you can sit and enjoy your food.

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4. Bugis Street Market

Previously, this street market was known as a busy city intersection. It then turns into a vibrant street market offering a variety of things to buy, from food to clothes and souvenirs. This place is considered to be one of the biggest and hottest street markets. What makes this location advantageous is that it has almost everything you could want. Bugis Street Market has become a favorite place among locals and international tourists alike because it is cheap and offers a wide variety of cultures. The market is filled with more than 800 stalls and shops.

5. Lau Pa Sat

If you are looking for the best place to sample some local cuisine and delicious dishes, Lau Pa Sat hawker center is the best place to visit. With a cool, relaxing and romantic setting, it is ideal for any kind of event. In the evening, food vendors set up tables and chairs where you can sit and enjoy their food. Sometimes the market comes alive with live music supporting the ideal setting to relax and enjoy a meal. A number of mixed dishes are sold here and you can taste as much as you want. Many tourists love to visit this modern street market to experience the hospitality it has to offer.

6. Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar

Lively and full of food on offer from end to end, this place is guaranteed to make you smile. With so many choices, you’ll definitely want to buy something to take home. At night, this street market comes alive and colors the area. This place is ideal for tasting street food. You can get the best and unique food and drinks here, which can’t be found in other street markets in the vicinity.

7. Vegetable Night Market

If you want to buy fresh vegetables to cook late at night, this night vegetable market ( Night Vegetable Market ) is the right place to visit. There’s no need to rush to buy what you need, as this market offers a wide variety of freshly picked vegetables. This market is filled with various types of food for you to choose from, from vegetables to healthy fruits. The market is open six days a week from 11pm to 6.30am. This is a great market to visit if you want to get the best and freshest vegetables at night.

8. Telok Ayer Market

Located in the heart of Singapore, this street market is in a building built in 1894. The market is air-conditioned and is home to several food vendors and stalls. Unlike other street markets, there are a number of branded shops that make it easy for you to find what you want. The stalls are equipped with chairs and tables where you can sit and enjoy your food. You are guaranteed to find a variety of exotic cuisines from various cultures that will always satisfy your taste buds.

9. Katong Square: Lifestyle and Antique Market

What makes this street market unique is its location in a mall-like area, where you can buy antiques and souvenirs. This market is strategically located near the city and you can go in and out at will. Unlike other street markets, where the shops are clustered close to each other, this market provides a large area to wander around while buying the groceries and clothes you want.

Perfect night market in Singapore

With this list of top markets to visit, you are guaranteed to leave the night market with a full stomach and souvenirs to take home.


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