5 Recommended Apartments in Tokyo that are Comfortable for Your Study Period

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5 Recommended Apartments in Tokyo that are Comfortable for Your Study Period

Do you know what are the important things that can make learning activities feel more fun? Best quality school? Competent teachers in their fields? Fun and exciting friends? Yes, all the answers are correct. But there is one more important thing that can affect the feeling and atmosphere in your learning activities. That is a place to live.

First of all, we want to ask. Are you in the process of completing your studies in Japan? Are you getting ready to continue your studies? Or are you still hoping to continue your education in Japan?

For those of you who haven’t studied in Japan yet, what kind of temporary housing will you choose in the future? There are various choices of places that you can choose as a temporary residence while completing your studies in Japan. Such as hostels, hotels, homestays or apartments. Among all those places, the most frequently chosen by international students are apartments.

You must be familiar with the term apartment, right? This type of lodging is often chosen because it is relatively cheap but comfortable for yourself. If you are in a hostel, homesharing or homestay, of course you have to stay and always do various activities together. While in the apartment, you can have your own personal space that allows you to refresh your mind. In addition, apartment rental prices are usually cheaper than hotel rentals.

For those of you who have started the study process in Japan, maybe not all students in Japan use apartments while in Japan. Because there are some schools that do provide dormitory facilities for students who continue their education at their school.

Even so, the use of dormitories from schools is usually limited. Dormitory capacity usually cannot accommodate all students. So like it or not, you have to find a place to live yourself. Usually the type of residence that is in great demand is an apartment.

If you have previously lived in boarding houses or the like, you must have understood that finding temporary housing is not easy. What’s more if you are looking for the boarding house outside the city which is certainly still foreign to you. Likewise when looking for an apartment in Japan.

Finding an apartment in Japan that fits our needs may not be as easy as in Indonesia. Especially if you are a foreigner and a first timer. Given the culture and customs of each country is different. For example, about the bathroom. In Indonesia, the bathroom is usually combined with the toilet. While in Japan it is usually separate, because Japanese people have 2 understandings about using toilets. There are those who adhere to the notion of paper based (using tissue) or water based (using water). It may sound trivial, but it will certainly affect our comfort while staying there.

There are three ways you can try to find an apartment, namely:

1. School/University Administration office information

Schools and universities in Japan usually have various information about apartments that you can rent while in Japan. You can ask the administrative office staff. Later you will be given an apartment recommendation that suits your needs.

2. Through the Real-Estate Office (Fudosan)

If the recommendation for an apartment at a school or university is still not comfortable with your wishes, you can try to find information at the Real Estate office.

3. Search the internet

Not everyone has the opportunity to come to Japan to look for information about apartments directly. Luckily, there are now many sites that can give you information about apartments, from costs, locations, to facilities. You just need to adjust it to your liking.

These various ways will allow you to see various apartment options according to your area and needs. But you may feel confused because there are many interesting apartment choices offered from these three ways. So, to make it easier for you to choose an apartment that is attractive and suits your needs, here are some recommendations:

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This AirBNB apartment can be your choice if your destination school is in the Tokyo area. To find this apartment, you can use the Google Maps application and search for a building called Xebec Nippori which is in the Arakawa area.

If it’s your first time arriving in Japan, there are several ways to get to this apartment from the airport, namely:

From Narita Airport: Take the Keisei Line which goes directly to Nippori Station, then walk for about 5-7 minutes.

From Haneda Airport: Take the Keikyu Line to Shingawa Station, then transfer to the JR Yamanote Line, get off at Nippori Station, then walk for about 5-7 minutes.

There are several facilities that you will get in this apartment, namely:

–Queen Size Bed
– Parquet Floor
– Air conditioner and heater
– Tables and chairs
– Cupboard
– Private Shower and Toilet
– Towel
– Free Wifi
– Tap Water (but according to Host it is better to cook it first)
– Refrigerator
– Water Boilers
– Kitchen Set
– Microwave
– Washing machine

2. Petit Grande Homes

This apartment is located in the Asakusa area. This area which is famous for its Nakamise Street is widely used as a destination for international students because of its crowds and the ease of finding delicious street food snacks to halal restaurants that are always sought after by Muslim students. Petit Grande has staff who can speak English which can make your communication easier. In addition, there are also interesting facilities such as laundry, free Wifi, 24-hour security, and other interesting facilities.

3. Mimaru Tokyo Hachobori

Ginza is a place in the heart of Tokyo. Where this place is famous for its street spots filled with various malls, shops, and elegant cafes. Because of that Ginza is often used as a residential location for students in Japan. One of them is in Mimaru Tokyo Hachobori.

This apartment is located in Nihombashi which is only 700 meters from Ginza. The location is also close to Kayabacho Station and only needs to walk for 1 minute from there to arrive at the apartment.

4. Nishi-Shinjiku 5 Chome Apartment

This 30m2 apartment is located in Shinjuku which is known for its crowds. There are various interesting facilities in this apartment, namely a kitchen, wifi, to a very clean laundry area. Because of its size, you can stay with 4 other friends. Although a little far from the station, the rental price for this apartment is quite cheap.

5. Oakwood Premier Tokyo

This luxury apartment has a very strategic location, which is right next to Tokyo Station. Its location in the center of Tokyo makes Oaktwood Premier Tokyo very suitable for those of you who have to frequently travel anywhere. Either by public transportation or taxi. The rental price may be a little expensive. But according to the various advantages that you will get.

One of the keys to maximum learning is a comfortable place to live. If you are in Tokyo, make sure you stay in the best residences such as the 5 recommendations mentioned above, so that your study period can be completed as well as possible.

For those of you who want to continue their studies in Japan, whether it’s continuing to college S1, S2, high school (SMA), vocational schools, or want to improve Japanese language skills with short-term, long-term school programs, or summer school programs in Japan. Japan.

You can contact us directly, we can help you choose a school in Japan, take care of the registration documents/documents, from the initial process of departure to Japan until the end of the school period and back to Indonesia.


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