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Rendering is an artist’s interpretation of the City of Alexandria’s Waterfront Plan.

Watermark Sunrise

Sunrise at Watermark reveals an old town waterfront visitors rarely see. The quiet lapping of wake upon waterfront in old town Alexandria, Virginia. Dogs taking their parents for a stroll. Dappled light dancing on the Potomac. This is how Watermark old town condos waterfront greets the day.

Want to Rent an Apartment in Singapore? Read These Tips First!

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Want to Rent an Apartment in Singapore? Read These Tips First!

Want to rent an apartment in Singapore? How to find cheap and suitable apartment? How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Singapore? Keep reading this article for the tips!

Singapore or Singapore is the most developed country in Southeast Asia. Many Indonesians are interested in studying or looking for work in Singapore.

Living in Singapore is comfortable, whatever. However, the cost of living in Singapore is also very high, mainly due to the high cost of renting an apartment.

I myself have lived in Singapore for a year. Yes, you can say that you are quite experienced in terms of renting an apartment here. Here are the tips!

Tips for renting an apartment in Singapore

1. Choosing an apartment in Singapore

In Singapore there are several types of residence, namely:

  • Landed House, or landed house.
  • Apartments, commonly known as condos. Apartments usually have more complete facilities such as swimming pools and gyms.
  • HDB Flat, subsidized apartment from the government.

For apartments you can choose, you want to rent one unit (can be a studio type, one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment), or want to rent only one room.

If you rent a room, it means that you live with someone else, it could be the landlord (who owns an apartment), or someone else who takes one unit and rents out another room to make it cheaper.

There is also such a thing as co-living. In essence, you also rent a room in an apartment that has been taken care of by this co-living service provider or service provider, so it’s not difficult to just enter. The contract can also be shorter, at least 3 months.

Do you want to rent a unit or a room depending on each other, do you rent an apartment for yourself or for your family? The following is a comparison of renting one unit or one room.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting a single unit:

  1. The rental price is more expensive
  2. Minimum contract 6 months or 1 year
  3. Not including the cost of electricity, water, lpg, and wifi
  4. Can rent full-furnished or non-furnished
  5. Freer and more privacy
  6. Must be responsible for the condition of the apartment

Advantages and disadvantages of renting a single room:

  1. Cheaper rental price
  2. Minimum 6 months contract
  3. Includes electricity, water, lpg, and wifi costs
  4. Already fully furnished
  5. Less free, less privacy. Hockey can be a relaxed or strict landlord, a clean housemate or not, sometimes you can’t cook, you can’t bring guests.

2. How to find apartments in Singapore

Usually, if you are looking for an apartment, you can go through an online property listing site. In Singapore, the most complete is PropertyGuru, there are also other sites such as 99.co or iproperty, try searching on Google.

Well, the apartment listings are usually agents who have been appointed by the apartment owners. If you go through an agent, there is usually an agent fee, depending on the landlord who pays or we are the tenant who pays, so you check again.

After you look around and find the right one, you can contact the contact person or agent to make an appointment when you can meet to check or view the apartment.

If they go through an agent, they usually have several listings in the same area.

For example, if you want to see apartment units in the Orchard area, you can ask the agent near here for other unit options for rent that match our requirements (apartment type, rental price range we want, etc.).

3. Apartment rental prices and other fees that must be paid

The price for renting an apartment in Singapore really depends on the location, type of unit, and other facilities obtained.

In city centers such as Orchard, Bugis, Marina for the type of one bedroom apartment in the range of SGD 3,000 – 4,000 per month.

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If it’s not in the city center, let’s say Paya Lebar or Eunos areas might still get SGD 2,000 per month for a one bedroom apartment type.

In suburban areas such as Pasir Ris or Jurong, the rental price for one unit is around SGD 1,200 – 1,500 per month.

For apartment rental prices per room, the same depends on the location as well. In the city center maybe around SGD 2,000/month, near the city center SGD 1,200 – 1,500/month, in the suburbs SGD 800/month.

When you find a suitable apartment, in the first month you have to pay rent + deposit. The deposit is usually one month’s rental price.

The deposit will be returned after the expiration of the contract and when there is no problem or damage to the apartment.

When signing a contract, you must use a duty stamp from a notary service, the fee is SGD 150. By the way, if you want to send money from Singapore to Indonesia or vice versa, you can use Transferwise.

If you take your own unit, you usually have to apply for wifi yourself. Depending on the promo, usually there is a free router package. Wifi costs SGD 50/month on average

In addition, you must also apply for PUB (Public Utilities Board) for electricity, water, and gas costs. Must enter a deposit for PUB of SGD 500.

How much does it cost for water and electricity to rent an apartment in Singapore depending on usage, for 1 unit it is usually SGD 100/month.

The air conditioner must be serviced every 3 months. For 1 AC service, it is usually SGD 20, so if 1 unit has 3 ACs, all of them must be serviced, the total is SGD 60.

4. Move-in apartment

When the deal is done, everything is okay, a contract agreement will be sent. The contents of the contract consist of:

  • Our name and information as a tenant
  • Articles – the responsibility of the landlord to us, and our responsibility to the landlord
  • Deposit amount
  • Amount, date, and destination account to pay rent

Then when you move in or just move into the apartment, there is an inventory list check. What are the items in the apartment.

For example, the list says there is 1 sofa. When we leave the apartment, the sofa must still be there because it is the inventory that owns the apartment.

Even small things like lamps, pillows are also counted and recorded in the inventory list. Also check all the lights are on, the electric socket is working, other electronic devices are working.

If something doesn’t work, ask the landlord immediately, or if something is broken, ask for it to be fixed first.

You can take a photo of a scuffed or dirty wall as evidence when you want to go out that the wall has been scratched since the first time you entered.

During the first month, you can still take photos and send it to the agent if there are parts that are scratched.

5. Move-out apartment

When moving out of an apartment that we rent our own unit, there are several things that must be considered:

  1. Apartment units must be cleaned using professional cleaning services.
  2. Window curtains must be laundered
  3. AC must be serviced
  4. No broken items or scuffed walls.

It’s complicated if you rent an apartment in Singapore, especially your own unit, when you want to move out, you really have to make sure there are no problems with the furniture, walls, floors, all the contents of the apartment which are in good condition.

Otherwise, your deposit will either be used to repair the damaged one, or not be returned until everything is completely sorted out.

Really just check the little things, there are scratches on the walls just need to be cleaned or repainted again. So don’t stick weird stuff on the wall.


There are so many things that must be considered and also other costs when you want to rent an apartment in Singapore. What do you think? Do you choose to rent one unit yourself or rent a room? Comment yes!


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