Wow! 10 Most Searched For Special Thai Foods

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Special Thai Foods, Thailand has its own characteristics and uniqueness that makes it one of the tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. Many tourists are interested in coming there because Thailand has cheaper and varied goods prices. One of the things that should not be missed when visiting a country is buying souvenirs, including the country’s specialties.

There are so many choices of Special Thai Foods souvenirs that you must try and of course the most sought after by tourists. So that you don’t get confused about what food to take home, here are some recommendations for Special Thai Foods souvenirs for you.

1. “Tao Kae Noi” Seaweed Snack

Maybe many already know that this seaweed snack from Thailand is indeed the best! Not only the snacks are popular, the film that tells the success story of making Tao Kae Noi is also very popular in the world. Actually Tao Kae Noi can be found easily at the nearest convenience store.

But in Indonesia itself, we can’t try all flavors. Well , if you visit Thailand, you must taste other flavors from this popular snack brand . Because in their own country, Tao Kae Noi is produced with many flavors according to your taste.

In Thailand you can taste all the flavors, from original, hot & spicy, tom yam gong, tomato sauce, wasabi, pad thai, chicken ramen, seafood, pizza, salted egg, and some even taste durian! Wow, looks interesting huh? Curious to try all the flavors?

2. Fish Snack “Taro”

If you are looking for Special Thai Foods souvenirs that are both nutritious and delicious, you can buy Taro fish snacks. This snack has been produced since 1983 and has become a famous snack brand throughout Thailand. This snack is made from 80 percent fresh white fish which is a good source of protein.

The texture is a little hard, chewy, and has a spicy taste. The shape is elongated pieces like snack sticks in general but tend to be flat. Taro is the best healthy snack because of its unique taste from quality marine fish and has nutritional benefits compared to other types of snacks.

3. Mango Sticky Rice

This Special Thai Foods was once popular in Indonesia. Many also sell offline and online and are adapted to the taste of the Indonesian tongue. Consisting of sticky rice which is slightly salty and covered with coconut cream sauce and sliced ​​ripe yellow mango which is very tasty.

You can find this food almost all year round, precisely in Special Thai Foods tourist attractions. The sticky rice is made from steamed white rice with pandan leaves and poured with pure coconut milk with sugar. While the mango is a type of Nam Dok Mai mango which is larger and more popular and has a sweet taste.

In addition, there are also Aok Rong mangoes which are smaller in size and fatter with a slightly sour taste. While the coconut milk sauce tastes a little salty and sweet.

4. Khanom Ping

Khanom Ping is a Thai-style rose cake. This rose cake is known for its soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture. The Thai version is crunchier on the outside and has a slightly stronger coconut flavor. The original Khanom Ping has a sweet, fragrant, and brown color

But now this food comes with a variety of flavors and colors such as green, pink, and yellow. Generally Khanom Ping is packaged in small jars and decorated with ribbons to be given as gifts on the new year.

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5. Salmon Skin Chips

Fish skin snacks are one of the healthiest Special Thai Foods you can bring home from Thailand. This salmon skin has two flavors, namely original and wasabi. Wasabi flavor is a very spicy taste.

This snack is made from 100 percent salmon skin, so the fish taste is very delicious because it is made from natural fish. The packaging consists of two colors, namely yellow and red.

6. Durian Chips

For those of you who are durian lovers, don’t miss this Special Thai Foods souvenir. If durian is usually processed into ice cream or cake, this time durian is processed into packaged chips. These chips are made from unripe durian and cut into thin strips and then fried until crispy.

For those of you who are not happy with the smell of durian but are curious about the taste, these durian chips can be the solution. The taste and aroma is not too strong but still retains the subtle durian aroma.

7. Koh-Kae Nuts

Koh-Kae Nuts are the number one peanut snack in Thailand which have been produced since 30 years ago. These beans are roasted peanuts covered with delicious Koh-Kae chicken. The layer makes it crunchy. You can find this peanut snack in every supermarket in Thailand.

In addition, these beans are also produced with other flavors such as coconut, wasabi nori, shrimp, and coffee. Packed in long tins to preserve the taste and freshness of the beans that can last up to two weeks.

8. Squid Bento Snack

Another seafood snack is the Special Thai Foods Bento Squid. This food souvenir is popular in Thailand which is famous for its delicious spicy taste. Made from dried squid which is flat and elongated, it is perfect to be enjoyed as a snack at home.

This squid snack is available in 3 flavor variants, namely Thai Spicy Chilli Food, Sweet & Spicy Sauce, and Original Seasoned Squid. This squid bento measures 5 grams and is perfect as a gift for your friends.

9. Insect Chips

If you want to taste different Special Thai Foods souvenirs in Thailand, you can buy insect chips. This Food Souvenir offers crickets and silkworms in a variety of flavors including seaweed and cheese. The crunchy taste of silkworms with a combination of barbecue and cheese can make you have a different eating sensation.

While crickets are one of the most consumed insects by Thai people. The consumption of these insects is nothing new. These chips have a cute packaging with an insect icon and also an attractive wrapper color.

10. Potato Chips “Lays”

These potato chips can indeed be easily found in Indonesian minimarkets. But Lays potato chips from Thailand have a varied and unique taste that we can’t find in Indonesia. Like the taste of Japanese wasabi which is subtle and not too strong. In addition there is a lobster hotplate with a strong shrimp aroma with a slight salty taste.

Even Lays Special Thai Foods chips have a honey taste. Seain that there are also lays 2 in 1 which has the taste of grilled chicken and barbecue sauce. Not only that, there are other Lays chips that make you curious. Want to try all the flavors?

If you’re in Thailand, don’t forget to take home some of the food souvenirs above! You can find these souvenirs in Special Thai Foods supermarkets and special gift shops there.

Have you tried some of these foods? If you know about other Special Thai Foods food souvenirs, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comments column.


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