Here are 10 Cities with Cool Street Art in America

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Here are 10 Cities with Cool Street Art in America

When we talk about street art , especially murals, we cannot separate ourselves from America, which is the place where we were born. In America, street art is growing rapidly and even giving new life to cities that are experiencing adversity.

Street art in America is not just vandalism but a contemporary art that makes city walls a canvas. In a city filled with murals, it’s as if you’re strolling through an open-air art gallery that showcases the work of renowned street artists.

The following are some cities in America with their amazing street art for you to visit and see the amazingly large and cool works of art.

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1. Miami – Florida

Miami is a city that can be said to be a city with many art districts. In Miami you don’t have to look for street art places because wherever you go you will find them. In this City, street art is an art that is taken seriously and they even hosted a mural competition event, which was held in the Wynwood Arts District.

You can enjoy this street art exhibition for free and you can enjoy it by walking the streets yourself or also taking a tour organized by a local artist. The tour that you can join is the Wynwood wall tour and take graffiti lessons for beginners. Miami also hosts the world-famous art exhibition, Miami Beach Art Basel.

2. Philadelphia – Pennsylvania

Philadelphia can be said to be the mural capital of America. This city has a lot of murals when compared to other cities. The Mural Arts Program and Philadelphia’s Office of Arts and Culture in 1984 became the catalyst for the street art boom in the city of Philadelphia to this day.

People who come to Philadelphia can download the app to find out where the murals are. Explore the city of Philadelphia with The Mural Mile Map application so you can walk the streets of the city of Philadelphia itself to see the murals.

Areas that may be famous for their murals in Philadelphia include Fishtown and Philly. When visiting Philadelphia you feel like you are in an outdoor art gallery .

3. New York

When talking about street art , it is impossible to miss the city of New York, a place of street art that has taken root and made it one of the cities with the best street art in the world. New York may be said to be a pioneer of the development of the current street art trend . This trend began to develop starting from around the 1960s to the 1970s.

Street art can be seen anywhere in New York City. Wherever you look, your eyes will find it. You will find all kinds of murals in New York, from amateurs to well- known street artists . But if you want to see the best you can look around Brooklyn, the Bronx, Astoria and Queen.

4. Los Angeles-California

Los Angeles is also a city with the best street art in the world for you to visit. S tree art in this city can be found almost anywhere, throughout the city. Los Angeles had previously experienced a mural ban in public spaces, until finally in 2013 the ban was abolished. And now you can find many murals decorating the city of Los Angeles.

Now the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles is in the form of tracking and preserving existing murals apart from new works that still need to be sought. The place for you to see murals in Los Angeles you can start at The Art District and DTLA or Down Town Los Angeles. Here you can find lots of murals adorning the walls of the building.

5. Detroit – Michigan

Detroit has hosted the world’s most famous mural festivals. This festival attracts hundreds of muralists from abroad and local muralists to participate in the Mural in the Market event .

At this festival, visitors can directly support the artists by buying prints of their murals. Murals in Detroit were able to revive the city after its bankruptcy in 2013. These mural artists helped revitalize a dilapidated neighborhood with their works.

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The Heidelberg Project is a project that changed the face of Detroit with his work commonly called “The Ghetto Guggenheim” created by Tyree Guyton. Now, the murals that adorn the walls of Detroit have become a new tourist destination for this city.

6. Reno – Nevada

Reno is a small town that was often overshadowed by the glamorous and luxurious city of Las Vegas. But now it has grown into a beautiful and artsy city with lots of street art displayed in public spaces. Cool murals as well as art installations have changed the face of the city to be more attractive and also worth visiting.

If you want to see the murals plastered in the city of Reno, then you can use an interactive map to find out where the graffiti is located.

The change from the face of the city of Reno which is more lively and shining because of the artists and also the businessmen who are willing to work together by granting building permits for the artists to decorate their buildings.

7. Honolulu – Hawaii

When you hear the word Honolulu Hawaii, what comes to mind is the beauty of the beach decorated with sunlight. Street art is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Honolulu.

In fact, Honolulu is a city with amazingly beautiful street art . POW POW is a festival that attracts artists in arts, culture and music activities.

For those who want to see mural works at the POW WOW festival on their website, see a map of the location of the mural. There are many works of mural artists from abroad as well as local artists who participated in this event. You can see their works in the Kaka’ako District, which is also home to the Honolulu Museum of Art.

8. Atlanta – Georgia

Atlanta is a city that has the best street art . This is because the community in the city plays an active role in the development of art in the city. The artists hold an annual conference on the project to revitalize the environment.

His activity is to turn an empty building into an open exhibition space by painting it with the owner of the building. Atlanta is like a huge canvas completely filled with paintings that you can see while walking around the city.

There are several places that you can stop by in Atlanta that have the best street art . One example is the BeltLine’s Eastside trail, a pedestrian-only trail that runs from Midtown all the way to Reynoldstowney.

9. Denver – Colorado

Denver is a city that has several art districts that you can enjoy on foot or by bike. The city of Denver also has a  Denver Chalk Art Festival program held every summer. In this program, the artists will participate in street art activities carried out in the streets of Denver.

If you want to see street art in the city of Denver, there are three art districts that you can visit, namely the Art District in Santa Fe, the Golden Triangle Creative District, and also the river North Art District.

Of the three, the North Art District is the most colorful art district. This district is like an art gallery that you must visit when you stop in the City of Denver.

10. Cincinnati – Ohio

Cincinnati may not be like any other city where you can see street art in almost all of its cities . But this city has murals that are quite large and feel very alive. The mural themes found in the city of Cincinnati mostly depict the city itself as well as characters who are known or also from Cincinnati.

One mural that is quite famous is “The Nati” which depicts the city of Cincinnati which is rich in toy history. In addition, there is also a mural that many people like, namely the work of Amanda Checco which you can find in the “Over-The-Rhine” area. Currently there are more than 180 murals in public spaces that adorn the entire city.

Those are some cities in America that are famous for the beauty of their street art . Street art in the form of mural art as well as installation art is no longer considered as vandalism. Street art is now part of the way that can be done to revitalize a city.

Street art also provides space for young artists to work, so that their talents can develop and be known by many people even without having to be displayed in an art gallery.This amazing mural is now displayed almost all over the city and even some cities have their own art district. Which city would you like to visit?


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