Hot Weather Vacation to Korea 2022

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What to Bring on a Summer/Hot Weather Vacation to Korea

Hot Weather Holiday to Korea 2022, Summer in South Korea usually occurs between June and August, with the hottest month being August which has an average temperature of 23 to 26 degrees Celsius (in Indonesia it is still quite cool for that temperature). The drought that characterizes winter and spring you won’t find again in summer. On the other hand, you will spend your days in high temperatures and humid air.

Hot weather can also occur at the end of July and August. Also generally, the period between late June and mid July is the rainy season in Korea. During this time, you will not feel the scorching sun due to cloudy weather and heavy rain for one to three weeks.

Hot Weather During summer in Korea, many fruits appear, such as watermelons, melons, and peaches. At that time, the fields, fields, and mountains turned green. Usually Koreans will go up the mountains and go to the beach to escape the scorching heat and to spend their summer vacation.

Preparing for Hot Weather During Vacation

Well, if you have plans to visit Korea in the summer, then you need to prepare some items for the hot weather, which must be brought including clothes that are suitable for use at that time. Since Indonesia also has a hot summer (we call it the dry season), then of course there is no big difference in the type of clothes to wear.

Hot Weather/Summer Clothing in Korea

With hot weather temperatures and high humidity, you definitely want to wear light clothes. Unlike spring, you don’t need to wear layers in summer. Since Korea is a conservative country, foreign tourists are encouraged to maintain modesty in wearing clothes in summer.

1. Shirts/Summer Shirts/Hot Weather

You can bring a light shirt that dries quickly and keeps you cool. For Muslim women who want to vacation in Korea in the summer/hot weather, they can also choose a long-sleeved shirt with the same material. We all probably already know what clothes are most comfortable to wear when the air temperature is high and humid because we have often experienced it in our own country.

To stay confident when doing outdoor activities in the summer/hot weather in Korea, also choose the type of clothing that is odor resistant. Don’t let other people be bothered by the smell of our body sweat, okay? Maybe you can try using a little fragrance that is suitable for summer/hot weather.

2. Trousers For Hot Weather

So that your steps feel light and comfortable when walking in hot weather, also choose a type of pants that are light, dry quickly, and have good breathability. For men, it is still possible to use jeans with a material that is not too thick.

3. Shorts For Hot Weather

Grown men need to know that knee-length shorts are the norm in Korea. So, we should only wear comfortable pants while on vacation there in the summer/hot weather (Muslims are of course obliged to cover their aurat, and Muslims who want to wear shorts, then use those that cover their aurat).

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Shorts may still be worn by children so that they still feel comfortable in humid air conditions.

4. Year

Muslim travelers who are visiting Korea in the summer can also use a special skirt model for Muslim women. Choose a skirt with a material that is light, easy to dry, easy to absorb sweat, and of course odor-resistant. The women here must have known better about this. Want to get a skirt that suits you?

5. Hat

To keep your head safe from the hot sun, wear a hat. Choose a hat made of light and easy to dry. Men’s hat styles may be all that, but there are plenty of summer hat styles available to women out there.
Summer Outerwear

Maybe you think, why summer requires outerwear anyway ? This is actually not one of the things that you must carry, but it can be useful someday. Then, what outerwear needs to be prepared? Because it can rain after the humid air is very hot, then you need to bring a waterproof jacket made of lightweight.

You can also prepare a folding umbrella that is small enough for you to put in your bag. This is just in case it rains when we are out for a walk. If you feel that carrying a jacket is too much of a hassle, then you just need to bring a folding umbrella.

Summer Footwear

Because the weather in Korea during summer can change quickly from hot to rainy, you also need to prepare footwear that can support your various activities well while you are there. Here are some footwear that you need to bring.

1. Sandals hot weather

If you have a plan to spend time on the beach while visiting Jeju island for example, then sandals are the item you need to prepare. If you are PD, you can bring rubber flip-flops from Indonesia or just bring standard sandals that you usually use for sightseeing.

In addition, if there are other plans such as climbing the mountain, then you also need to prepare special sandals for climbing. If you want to still look cool when wearing sandals, then choose sandals with a more casual and fashionable model.

2. Casual shoes hot weather

If your tourist visit is only for sightseeing in the city center and some of the tourist attractions in it, then you need to bring comfortable casual shoes. Because Koreans are stylish and fashionable, you can choose the best casual shoes you have. If there are hiking activities in your itinerary , then also bring shoes that can support these activities.

3. Waterproof Shoes

For protection when it suddenly rains, you can also bring waterproof shoes. These shoes are not really mandatory for you to bring, but just as a precaution. Please keep in mind that wearing waterproof shoes during hot weather can make your feet uncomfortable. So, the best choice is yours.

Well, that’s some general overview of summer clothes in Korea. You can choose various models of clothes above that suit your wishes. If you plan to go to Korea in winter, first find out what clothes are suitable to withstand the Korean winter by reading this article on Korean Winter Clothing .


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