Here 10 Delicious Thai Food You Must Try

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Land of white elephants. That’s the nickname for Thailand. In this country, the elephant population is very large. In addition, this country where the majority of the population is Buddhist believes that the white elephant is the vehicle that Siddhartha Gautama rode on .

The culture and traditions in Thailand are very unique. In addition, the relatively low cost of living makes this country visited by many tourists, including tourists from Indonesia.

Any good food during our trip in Thailand? we will invite you to discuss one by one the famous Thai Food specialties and you must try them when you visit there.

1. Tom Yam

Indonesian people are certainly very familiar with this Thai Food. Tom Yam is a soup with a spicy and sour sauce that is very suitable for most people’s tongues in Indonesia. This soup contains seafood , such as shrimp, squid, and clams.

The sour and spicy broth will make you addicted. Even though there are many restaurants in Indonesia that sell tom yam soup, it’s still not enough if you don’t enjoy this soup directly in its country of origin.

2. Guay Teow Rhua

Every country certainly has its own processed noodle dishes. When you are in Thailand, try the typical noodles of this white elephant country, namely Guay Teow Rhua. In Indonesian, the name of this food can be interpreted as the name of the boat. The reason is, before starting to be sold on the mainland, these noodles used to be sold on boats.

This noodle soup with a fairly thick seasoning is served with pieces of chicken, beef, and pork. Unfortunately, the portion of Guay Teow Rhua is so small that you have to order 2 bowls if you want to eat until you are full.

3. Khao Pad

This one definitely fits the Indonesian tongue. Khao Pad is Thai fried rice. If in Indonesia a lot of fried rice is added with tomato sauce or soy sauce, this fried rice is not added with various sauces. So, the color of this fried rice tends to be white.

Complementary ingredients in Khao Pad include cucumbers, peppers, and chilies. For additional side dishes, traders will add pieces of chicken, shrimp or crab. Khao Pad can be found at street vendors to five-star restaurants, just like looking for fried rice when in Indonesia.

4. Jim Day

Jim Jum is a healthy Thai soup. This Thai food is quite unique because it is cooked and served in a small pot made of clay. What makes this Jim Jum different from a healthy soup is its bacon broth. Considering this food is made from bacon broth, so Jim Jum is a non-halal food.

The ingredients that are boiled in a pot with bacon broth are Thai Food cabbage, vermicelli, eggs and basil. For the side dish itself, we can add beef, bacon or shrimp. Some restaurants in Thailand do free visitors to choose additional side dishes that will be boiled in Jim Jum.

5. Sai Oua

This Thai Food sausage is very famous in the country. However, this sausage uses pork so it is not halal. Why is this sausage different from other sausages? Because Sai Oua uses a lot of spices that can strengthen the taste, such as coriander, lemon grass, shallots, garlic, galangal, salt, and fish oil.

To experience Sai Oua with an authentic taste, you can go to Northern Thailand because in that area a lot of Sai Oua sells with authentic flavors . This spiced sausage can be eaten directly or eaten with white rice.

6. Gai Yang

If in Indonesia we can choose grilled chicken with breast or thigh pieces, it’s different when you buy Gai Yang, this Thai Food grilled chicken. We have to buy one chicken aka whole chicken. So, when eating Gai Yang we have to invite as many as 1-2 partners .

This Thai Food style grilled chicken is seasoned with dry spices. Very different from the typical Indonesian grilled chicken seasoned with wet spices, such as sweet soy sauce or spices that are mashed first. When served, Gai Yang has been cut into small pieces so it’s easier to eat.

7. Kanom Jeen

Another of the most popular noodle dishes in Thailand, namely Kanom Jeen. What makes this noodle different from noodles you’ve eaten before is that it’s made from fermented rice. Later, the white noodles that are similar to vermicelli will be served with curry sauce.

The curry sauce served can be chicken curry or fish curry, but both are equally delicious. To add to the enjoyment of this Kanom Jeen, there are several additional complementary ingredients such as pickles, chilies, and several types of vegetables.

8. Kaeng Phet

Many Thai Food specialties such as curry. Like this Kaeng Phet, which is one of the most famous types of Thai Food curry. This red curry has a spicy taste so it is perfect for those of you who like spicy food.

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This curry made from red curry and a mixture of coconut milk is usually served with chicken, beef, or pork. Not only contains meat, Kaeng Phet also contains eggplant, bamboo shoots, pumpkin, tofu, and sausage. The taste of this Kaeng Phet curry sauce is so thick that it is not inferior to Japanese or Indian curry.

9. Som Tum

Food from Thailand is not dominated by seafood or coconut milk, you know . There are also healthy Thai Food specialties, such as Som Tum. A typical Thai Food salad is a mixture of papaya, chilies, tomatoes, long beans and garlic.

The taste of Som Tum is a little spicy and salty. Anyway, this Som Tum can make you addicted, you know . Moreover, we can request to add shrimp or crab in the Som Tum that we ordered.

10. Like Na Phet

If you’re visiting Thailand, don’t forget to taste the classic dish from the land of white elephants, namely Kao Na Phet. This is duck meat that is specially grilled and seasoned. The taste of the tender duck meat will combine with the sweet and savory sauce.

Kao Na Phet is usually served directly over white rice. However, there are also restaurants that can serve Kao Na Phet without white rice or just the side dishes.

11. New things

Most Thai Food does have a spicy taste, such as Yam Nua. This is a salad with spicy beef slices. Even though it is a kind of salad, the pieces of beef contained in this dish are more than the vegetables.

Yam Nua is cooked using onions, coriander, spearmint , lime and dried chilies. The beef used is also thinly sliced ​​so that it feels soft and the spices can seep into the meat. The taste of Yam Nua is spicy, fresh and very suitable to be eaten with white rice.

12. Gaeng Keow Wan Kai

Gaeng Keow Wan Kai is a Thai Food chicken curry. However, there is something different about this chicken curry. Yes, this food has a green sauce. It is in stark contrast to chicken curries from other countries which are yellow or orange in color.

To cook Gaeng Keow Wan Kai, you must use fresh pieces of chicken. Then, add cherry-sized eggplant and bamboo shoots to complement this green curry. Basil is also a mandatory spice for cooking Gaeng Keow Wan Kai.

To make the sauce green in color, you can add green curry paste to the hot coconut milk which will be mixed into the ingredients.

13. Kai Med Ma Muang

A simple Thai food that is very popular with foreign tourists. Yes, Kai Med Ma Muang is chicken pieces sautéed with cashew nuts. This one food can be enjoyed together with white rice. In fact, the chunks of cashew nuts that looked odd but tasted so good when eaten.

Kai Med Ma Muang is widely sold in restaurants or street food stalls in Bangkok and its surroundings. Pieces of chicken and cashews are sautéed together with sweet soy sauce, onions, chilies, peppers, carrots and mushrooms. The sweet and savory taste of this food will make you addicted.

14. Kao Moo Dang

It’s hard to find Thai food that fits the tongue of Indonesians and other Asian countries? A plate of Kao Moo Dang might be a delicious recommendation. However, this food is only intended for non-Muslim tourists because it contains pork in it.

A plate of Kao Moo Dang contains thinly sliced ​​pork, sausage and hard-boiled egg. Then, the food will be doused with a sauce similar to BBQ sauce. Lastly, the food will be sprinkled with cilantro and spring onions.

The sweet and savory taste will make you want to eat it again and again. Moreover, Kao Moo Dang is also very suitable to be eaten with warm white rice.

15. Massaman Curry

One of the typical halal Thai Food dishes is Massaman Curry. It is said that the recipe for making this curry came from Middle Eastern immigrants who entered Thailand. The spices used to make this dish alone reportedly had to be imported directly from the Middle East.

Massaman Curry is made from beef, duck or chicken. The spices used to make Massaman Curry are cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin and dried chilies. The taste of this Massaman curry sauce is spicy, savory, and soft, aka the spices are not too strong on the tongue.

You have to try a variety of Thai Food specialties when traveling in the land of the white elephant. Apart from the main food, there are also typical Thai Food snacks that you should try when you visit a food street in Bangkok, Pattaya or other cities in Thailand. Happy culinary tour!


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