The 10 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens in the United States

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The 10 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens in the United States

Botanical gardens or botanical gardens can be an option to enjoy a more relaxing vacation. Strolling among the beautiful flower gardens or green trees will make the mind calm and relaxed. America is a country that has a large number of beautiful and beautiful botanical gardens that you can choose to visit.

America’s beautiful botanical gardens are a vacation spot for American students to get to know nature better. Botanical gardens do not only function as a place of recreation but also a place for children to learn. Here are some botanical gardens or botanical gardens that you can enjoy when you visit the United States of America.

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1. Missouri Botanical Gardens

Missouri Botanical Gardens better known as Shaw’s Garden is a botanical garden founded by a philanthropist and amateur botanist named Henry Shaw. This botanical garden can be said to be the oldest botanical garden in America founded around 1859. This botanical garden also functions as a place for research and science education.

The botanical garden is built on an area of ​​about 75 hectares surrounding his private residence. The garden itself consists of a Victorian-style observation room, the largest Japanese-style garden, a Turkish-style garden and at its center there is a geodesic dome. The dome serves as a place to feel the different climates.

2. Desert Botanical Gardens

When you hear the word desert, what you imagine is a view of the desert expanse with a brown color. Everything will look different when you visit the Desert Botanical Garden in Arizona. This garden is a local community effort to preserve the natural environment of the desert which was started in 1939 by a Botanist Gustav Starck.

The botanical garden covers an area of ​​140 hectares and has a collection of more than 50 thousand plants that are beautifully arranged and exhibited outdoors. This Botanical Garden is also the home of 485 rare and endangered plants. The plants are exhibited in five beautiful and charming paths unlike the desert you might imagine.

3. United States Botanical Gardens

This Botanical Gardens is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the United States, built around 1820. The idea of ​​the Botanical Gardens was first put forward by Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and also James Madison in the late 1700s. This Botanical Garden building was founded in 1850, while the creation itself has been around since the 1820s.

The park is not very big, only a few blocks in size, but although small, its beauty is unquestionable. This Botanical Garden consists of an indoor garden and an outdoor garden . The garden is home to everything from roses to orchids, as well as plants that are considered rare and endangered.

4. San Francisco Botanical Gardens

The San Francisco Botanical Gardens offers to travel the world with just a walk in its gardens. One thing that stands out the most about this botanical garden is its magnolia flower plant. The collection of magnolia flowers is quite complete, even being ranked fourth as the garden with the largest collection of magnolia flowers.

You can see the beauty of the blooming magnolia at the end of December to the end of March when the botanical garden will be filled with pink Magnolia flowers. The San Francisco Botanical Gardens itself divides its gardens into 10 theme parks, from ancient theme parks to parks in the form of green fields where you can rest and relax with your family.

5. New York Botanical Gardens

The New York Botanical Gardens is located in the center of the city with an area of ​​​​about 250 hectares, including 50 hectares of protected forest with 1 hectare used for 50 gardens. This botanical garden is very famous. Students who visit this botanical garden can reach more than 90 thousand students for one year. Now this botanical garden has been transformed into an important institution in education.

The New York Botanical Gardens is home to more than one million living plants and is the botanical garden with the largest collection of botanical texts in the world. One building that is a hallmark of the New York Botanical Gardens is a Victorian greenhouse that is home to a variety of plants from around the world, from tropical rainforests to deserts in Africa.

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6. Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

The Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens, covering approximately 83 hectares, are located on the outskirts of Miami. The Fairchild Botanical Gardens opened to the public in 1938. The place is not only a botanical garden but also contains laboratories, learning centers, conservation centers, research sites and also a museum of course.

Research in this botanical garden places more emphasis on preserving biodiversity. Apart from a variety of rare tropical plants, there are about 40 species of tropical birds that are part of the Wings of the Tropics Conservation . Apart from birds, there are also around 3000 exotic butterflies that are residents of this Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden.

7. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Franklin Botanical Gardens not only functions as a botanical garden, but also functions as a conservation center. The area of ​​​​the botanical garden itself is about 88 hectares and is home to more than 400 types of plants that come from tropical areas with rainforests to desert climates. Not only plants that you can see, but there are also animals that live here.

It is said that this botanical garden was the first garden in America to have an exhibition of seasonal butterflies. One building that stands out in this botanical garden is a greenhouse or green house which was built in the Victorian style. In this botanical garden there is also a place called Hot Shop, where artists work with the art of blowing glass.

8. Atlanta Botanical Gardens

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden covering approximately 30 acres. This botanical garden began operating in 1967. They have a mission to make the botanical garden a place to maintain a collection of plants that are useful as a means of education and conservation.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens has an orchid center and also has a sizable collection of them. A view of the beautiful gardens with a canopy that is 600 feet long and a sculpture installation. There is also the largest permanent exhibition of Dale Chihuly that you can enjoy in this botanical garden.

9. Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

This botanical garden was built in 1984, initiated and funded by a Richmond philanthropist named Grace Arent. This botanical garden was built in honor of his late beloved uncle named Lewin Ginter. The garden area is about 82 hectares with various themes. Created with the aim of connecting humans with plants.

The Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens also has a classic-style conservatory. The paths in the garden will take you to beautiful places from each theme park, such as a children’s park, a beautiful rose garden, or the Asian Valley and also walking among the cherry trees.

10. Dallas Botanical Gardens

The Dallas Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden as well as an Arboretum that covers approximately 66 acres, and is known for its colorful gardens. 8 hectares of land are used as a park specifically for children with 150 interactive games about science.

This Dallas botanical garden and arboretum is an instagrammable spot in spring when all the flowers are in bloom. The spring flower festival is quite a big festival, at that time there are about 500,000 flowers in bloom. When autumn comes this botanical garden will turn into a village full of pumpkins.

While on vacation to the United States do not forget to visit these gardens. In addition to the beauty of the botanical garden, you also get peace among the green trees and the beautiful flower gardens. In addition, the garden can be a means of educating families, especially children who are still in school.

The gardens are really well kept and every display looks beautiful and charming. The eyes of every visitor are truly spoiled by the beauty and uniqueness of each plant that is a collection of his garden. Which Botanical Garden do you think is the most interesting?


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