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The 10 Most Delicious and Popular

The 10 Most Delicious and Popular Types of Japanese Yakitori

The 12 Most Delicious and Popular, If you like Japanese food , you must have tried yakitori at least once. Yakitori literally means ‘grilled chicken’.

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It is a type of dish served on a skewer and is often served at festivals and other events. This dish is popular in Japan and if you visit the country, you will find many yakitori restaurants .

Although translated as ‘grilled chicken’, yakitori ‘s ingredients consist of meat and vegetables. Depending on the shop’s menu, the chicken parts used in yakitori may have different names.

Each section has its own price, texture, and seasoning. In addition, the name of the meat section is different in each store. So so that you are not mistaken, read on about this type of yakitori .

1. Negima

This type of yakitori is called negima . This is a variant of yakitori whose ingredients are sliced ​​chicken thighs or chicken breasts. The meat is stabbed with pieces of negi leaves or spring onions or it could be green onions.

Negima, like other types of yakitori , is usually also seasoned with salt or shio . You can also use tare or thick soy sauce, which is also sweet.

The ingredients are skewered using a skewer and then grilled over charcoal using a traditional yakitori grill. In Japan, negima is one of the most commonly consumed types of yakitori . This dish is usually served in izakaya restaurants and bars .

2. Tebasaki

Tebasaki is chicken wing tip satay. Usually when served as yakitori , tebasaki is made from the tip of the wing that has been separated from the shoulder part of the wing. Several wings are stabbed together using one skewer.

The wingtip satay is famous for its soft but chewy meat and crunchy skin. In Japan there is a special way to eat wingtips. The trick is to hold the tip of the wing upright and the cartilage is broken slightly at the top.

In this way, the entire wingtip can enter the mouth and pull the chicken meat using the teeth. This is a great way to strip each piece of chicken of any brittle bone.


This is a version of yakitori made from ground chicken. The meat is seasoned and is generally shaped into an oval-shaped patty or small meatballs skewered using a bamboo stick.

No different from other types of yakitori , usually satay is seasoned with shio or tare . While the ground beef can also be enriched with garlic, sliced ​​spring onions, shallots, ginger, or shiso leaves .

Usually tsukune is served with raw egg yolk with various toppings . This type of yakitori is a staple in yakitori specialty restaurants .

4. Rebaa

Rebaa is the Japanese phonetic pronunciation for heart. What is meant is chicken liver. The meat, which has a distinctive soft but thick and shiny texture, tastes quite delicious.

Although not too many people like to eat liver, if you are at a yakitori restaurant , this dish is a dish that is recommended to be tasted at least once. Fresh and high quality liver does not smell or taste like most.

The rich nature of the meat will spread throughout the palate. This type of yakitori is most commonly eaten with tare seasoning .


Bonjiri is a type of yakitori whose meat is taken from the tail of a chicken. Usually the meat is cut and pierced with some cartilage from the tail so that when chewed it cracks a little.

Because chickens often move their tails, so this part of the meat is very tender and muscular. In addition, the tail is also where the chicken’s oil glands are used for waterproofing its feathers.

Usually when the chicken is slaughtered the oil glands are removed. But this part tends to give the tail meat a unique flavor that bonjiri lovers love . Then the tail is pierced using a bamboo stick called tepogushi .

Bonjiri , like other types of yakitori , are grilled on a special non-grid stove to prevent the meat from sticking and are easy to flip and spread. Usually, the process of cooking bojiri is done over a binchōtan , which is a type of charcoal that burns at a very high temperature.

What’s interesting about bojiri is that Japanese restaurants choose certain types of chicken for bonjiri satay to get the desired texture.

6. Kanmuri

The cock’s comb or crown is called kanmuri . Similar to bonjiri , kanmuri is an example of an excellent use of chicken. While chicken’s comb may seem inedible, it’s actually thick and tender and a great source of collagen.

Usually kanmuri is only seasoned with salt before baking. When served as yakitori, the chicken’s combs are skewered and grilled until crispy. This chicken cutlet is so rare that it’s rarely found on the menu so when you find kanmuri , don’t miss to try it.

This type of yakitori is labeled as tosaka or eboshi . In restaurants and roadside stalls, this rare piece of chicken is rarely found. Japanese people generally consume kanmuri with cold beer.

7. Hatsu

Hatsu is a yakitori dish made from chicken heart which is the main ingredient. Usually hatsu is dipped in tare sauce , then skewered and then grilled. This type of yakitori is very popular because it is not easy to find. This is because per chicken only has one heart.

Chicken heart is low in fat and has a taste similar to meat and has a soft and juicy texture. This part of the chicken is grilled until slightly browned and usually this satay is served with salt and lemon wedges. In addition, this type of yakitori can also be found in izakaya bars , which are often served with a glass of cold beer.

8. Seseri

Kirin or nekku is another name for seseri . This type of yakitori is made with pieces of chicken meat that come from the area around the neck of the chicken. This part of the body is often used by chickens so that the meat is tender and flavorful. This part is also high in fat so it is rich in taste.

Then the pieces of chicken neck are pierced using a skewer, then grilled until cooked. Usually, before the roasting process, the series is seasoned with salt.

Because the amount of yakitori from the meat in this chicken neck is limited. This type of meat is not widely available so if this type of yakitori is on the menu, don’t miss to try it.

9. My husband

Sasami is a yakitori dish that comes from the inside of the chicken breast. This type of meat is high in protein and low in fat. Sometimes the cuts of meat are marinated in sake,

pierced with a skewer of satay, then grilled until they are cooked through, but not overcooked.

When served, sasami is often accompanied by wasabi, salt, or tare sauce on the side. sometimes sasami is given shiso leaves , miso paste, umeboshi paste or mentaiko (fish roe) because the taste is a bit bland.

 Most of these dishes can be found in izakaya bars and are usually served with a cold beer on the side.

10. Sunagimo

This type of yakitori is called sunagimo whose main ingredient is chicken gizzard. Pieces of chicken gizzard stabbed using a skewer, then grilled until cooked. The texture of sunagimo is often described as crunchy but soft. While the matter of taste, generally mild.

Usually before baking, gizzards are simply seasoned with salt. This dish is often found in izakaya bars , which are usually served with a cold beer.

For those of you who like Japanese food, these types of yakitori are certainly very appetizing. It turns out that yakitori can be made from various parts of the chicken, not just the meat. Even the comb can be made into yakitori .

Have you ever tasted yakitori made from chicken’s comb? If you haven’t, there’s nothing wrong with trying to cook it at home. Are you challenged enough?

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