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The Best Special Tea House In Berlin

Best Specialty Tea Houses In Berlin – From specialty teas, to herbal mountain teas and traditional Japanese experiences, sometimes all you need in life – or in Berlin – is a good cup of tea. First you need to find the right place to make your tea dreams come true, and that’s where we come in. Here’s a list of the best places for tea in the German capital.

Tee Salon Iki

Tee Salon Iki is one of the best places to have a cup of tea in Berlin. The friendly and knowledgeable owner concocts all manner of herbal and honey drinks, including rare mountain teas, all made from natural products from Greece. What’s more, they keep the prices reasonable, despite being in one of the coolest areas of Kreuzberg. The atmosphere is warm, humble, and inviting, and the cakes and biscuits are delicious.

DaBang Teehaus

This is a hidden little Korean teahouse that offers an authentic experience for any tea lover. Their traditional green tea comes from the famous Hadong area, is traditionally harvested and is known as royal tea in Korea. Tea is harvested according to the month and rain, and served hot or cold. They also serve delicious snacks in a lovely and homely setting. The familiar setting makes reserving a table a good idea.

Tea Room

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For something a little more upscale, try the sophisticated Tea Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton, which offers a traditional afternoon tea service accompanied by live piano music. The luxurious old world lounge blends the best of British and French traditions for a truly unique tea experience in Berlin. Sit back, relax and be majestic while enjoying a cup of fresh fruity aroma, drawn from over 65 tea selections from Mariage Frères .


Nannuoshan serves quality Chinese teas from their specialist farms and suppliers sourced in the Far East. You can order the tea in a teapot, called gongfu cha – a traditional Chinese method – or in three tasting cups. This tea house also has a passion for educating people about tea, and they host regular workshops and tastings. They also have over 50 exclusive teas and processed tea kits that you can take home from their tea shop. Enjoy a relaxing Chinese drink with one of the cakes or a light breakfast in the comfort of their cozy cafe, surrounded by a library of rare books on tea culture and art.

Paper & Tea

Paper & Tea, or P&T, is part a delicious teahouse selling great drinks and accessories, and part a stationery shop, with a wonderful collection of unique items. This trendy upscale tea center offers a great selection of teas, including Yerba Mate and Moroccan mint. Their friendly and helpful staff are also on hand to explain any tea names you may not understand.


Macha-Macha is a quiet escape that provides comfort in the busy area around Hermannplatz. The teahouse is the work of award-winning designer Carsten Kraemer, who has taken inspiration from Japanese traditions to create a calm and cultured atmosphere. Anyone who loves matcha tea – which means “pure tea” – will find a home among traditional green teas, pretty teapots and delicious matcha cheesecakes. The space also offers traditional tea ceremonies, meditations, tea seminars, and ceramic and handicraft exhibitions


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