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The Most Amazing Houses in Singapore

The Most Amazing Homes in Singapore – Singapore may have some of the highest rental rates and cost of living in the world, but that hasn’t stopped many people from building homes here. Between the year-round tropical climate, excellent security and a wealth of good education, health and other public amenities, it’s easy to see why some families choose to build their stunning dream home in Lion City.

Sky Garden House

Like many of the mansions on this list, Sky Garden House is located on Sentosa Island where there is (slightly) more space. This house has several roof gardens. Guz Architects explained that they tried to create the effect of each floor being a one-story house with a garden in front. Do you think they have achieved that effect?

Lucky Shophouse

Architects Chang had to follow strict historical conservation rules when renovating this pre-war shophouse at Joo Chiat Place. The couple who bought and rebuilt the property grew up in the area and even remember frequent visits to the bookstore that once occupied the site. Inside, the open layout and dark wood paneling create a warm and inviting environment.

Merryn Road

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The house on Merryn Road actually occupies two lots. Owner Adrian Tan bought the first more than a decade ago and built two identical houses on it. Recently, he acquired a plot next door to build a third home for his adult sons. The house was designed with a beautiful rooftop pool, and the new house incorporates the son’s design elements.

Far Sight House

Architecture & Design Wallflower needed to find a way to build a family-friendly home in the center of one of Asia’s busiest cities. They solved that problem by building it with a multi-layered facade, which helps maintain privacy but also helps keep the house cool. The house also offers several outdoor rooms, including a veranda overlooking the surroundings.

Andrew Road House

Seeing Andrew Road House from AD Lab felt like stepping into the future even more than usual in Singapore. The architects faced some difficulties due to the nature of the land in the Caldecott area, as well as the nearby highway. Therefore, many of the main facilities of the house can be found in the sunken courtyard in the center of the house. The roof is designed to mimic the undulating nature of the area, and brings a different look to the house when you change your perspective.

Binchang Street

Architects AD Lab completed a contemporary renovation of the 1970s house, formerly located on Binchang Marymount Street. The contemporary design makes good use of vertical space, with the pool covering most of the ground floor, and the upper floor housing the bedrooms and other amenities. We love the room dedicated to games and reading!

Tannaga House

Probably our favorite house in Singapore, we’ve saved the best for last. The Tannaga House, located in Tony Holland Village, is another design by Guz Architects. A house designed to embrace rather than hide from the tropical climate, centered around an open courtyard space that allows one to enjoy the outdoors but still benefit from the cool breeze that enters through the house. Our favorite feature is the terraced cover pool which looks like it overflows into the courtyard, and that can also be seen from downstairs.


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