The most beautiful destinations during spring

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The most beautiful destinations during spring

After a gloomy winter, I can’t wait to travel the world again to enjoy the beautiful colors and scents of spring. However, what destinations are worth visiting in spring? In our opinion, the following places reach their peak of beauty

Franschhoek, South Africa

Even if it’s still autumn in South Africa, you can escape the cold Northern Hemisphere spring by flying to Franschhoek, a city known for its hundreds of years of food and wine traditions.

It’s much quieter than Cape Town’s glamorous vineyards, and you can get to know more about this most versatile fruit Spring. It is also a short drive from the university town of Stellenbosch whose streets are bustling with cafes, boutiques and art galleries. From March to May, you can explore the trails in the Franschhoek Valley that wind through vast sun-drenched prairies.

Enjoy cool and sunny days in Franschhoek by staying at Maison Cabrière – Boutique Suites with suites with private terraces. Each of these terraces overlooks the beautiful gardens and the dramatic peaks of the Drakenstein Mountains Spring .

Machu Picchu, Peru

The beauty of Machu Picchu that you see in the photos Spring is still inferior to what you will see in person there. You can explore the interior of the fort in less than a day, but for the full experience of exploring the Inca region, consider a five-day trip. This route takes you along scenic mountain trails, ancient walls and winding rivers before you finally arrive at the site of this ancient wonder of the world.

This 15th-century Inca fort sits between two Andean mountain peaks and consists of beautifully Spring landscaped farmland amid a misty landscape. April marks the end of the rainy season – and it happens just before the peak season starts so there are fewer tourists than usual. Rest your weary feet at Panorama B&B in Machu Picchu Pueblo which is the gateway for many trails to the Inca ruins.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Spring is probably the best time to visit Amsterdam as the city is untouched by the hustle and bustle of summer tourism. The whole country seemed to be ‘blooming’. As winter passes from the countryside, the land between Amsterdam, Leiden and Haarlem comes alive with a variety of colors. Tulips, hyacinths and other spectacular flowers can be explored on foot, by car or by bicycle like most Dutch citizens Spring.

For many, Keukenhof is on the list of must-see destinations. This vast flower garden puts on a magnificent show starting from March. However, if you prefer to see tulips in their natural habitat, try visiting the ancient city of Lisse. Stay at the Hotel Restaurant de Engel located close to the tulip gardens to embark on a fragrant adventure Spring.

Assisi, Italy

Assisi is a picturesque hill town amidst stepped olive groves and dotted with a landscape of Umbrian spruce. The hotel is one of Italy’s most famous historical and cultural sites thanks to its 13th-century frescoes and the magnificent Basilica de San Francisco Spring. Assisi is the birthplace of Italy’s patron saint, St. Francis, who is also the patron saint of animals and the environment. The city Spring is rich in history, food and tradition. If you visit in spring, you can enjoy most of the roads that are usually crowded with tourists.

During this period, queues are shorter, prices are lower, and the charming rural areas of Umbria are more accessible. Also, most of the regional specialties are perfect for enjoying in the spring; The famous Umbrian salami, prosciutto and panetta have been seasoned and cooked to the best of their abilities alongside seasonal vegetables such as wild asparagus which reappear on the menu. Stay in the ancient Umbrian stone house, B&B All’Ombra in San Damiano.

Yakushima, Japan

Yakushima may be one of the wettest places on earth – but it’s worth it for its stunning nature. This subtropical mountainous island is part of the sumi Archipelago at the southern tip of Japan. The place is quite secluded, but can be reached by plane and is forever covered by the green moss and primeval forest that blankets the view from above. Hidden hot springs and exotic fauna will captivate you as you explore the island via wooden walkways and canopied bridges.

Spring arrives on the island with bursts of color and scents of moss and flowers filling the lush forest. Yamazakura, or hill Spring cherry blossoms, cover the Shiratani Unsuikyo valley in a pink mist. After a day of adventuring, spend an amazing evening at Wa no Cottage Sen-no-ie, a cottage with tatami and traditional Japanese décor amidst beautiful nature.


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