Extraordinary! These Are Typical Malaysian Food Souvenirs That Taste Really Delicious And Get Tourists Addicted 2022/2023

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Typical Malaysian Food, It is common knowledge that Malaysia is one of the countries most frequently visited by Indonesians. Not only for sightseeing, Malaysia has become a destination for work, medical treatment, and studying. Foods in Malaysia can also be accepted by the tongue of our society. So, it’s no wonder that Indonesians feel comfortable visiting Malaysia.

If you want to bring home Malaysian specialties so that your relatives and family in Indonesia can taste them, there are a number of foods that can be used as souvenirs, you know . Come on , see the reviews me this typical Malaysian food souvenir!

1. Typical Malaysian Food, Tau Sar Piah

If you’ve ever tasted bakpia or pia, the taste of Tau Sar Piah is very similar to the cake, you know . The inside of the Tau Sar Piah cake is also filled with green beans and red beans, almost the same as the stuffing that is also used for bakpia.

This typical Malaysian food can be used as a souvenir because it is dry food that can last for days. Apart from that, you can find this cake easily in various souvenir shops and supermarkets in Malaysia. One of the famous places that sells Tau Sar Piah is the Ghee Hiang shop in Penang, Malaysia.

2. Typical Malaysian Food, Penang White Curry Mee

The intention was to bring typical Malaysian food curry, but the texture is thick and cannot be stored for a long time, making you have to discourage this intention. However, you can still bring Malaysian curries in the form of instant noodles, you know .

Yes, Penang White Curry Mee is an instant noodle with a distinctive Malaysian taste. As the name implies, this instant noodle has a delicious white curry flavor similar to what is usually sold in Penang. The broth is very thick and savory so you will taste a delicacy similar to the original white curry . What’s more, this one food is practical and can be carried in large quantities.

3. Sarawak Layer Cake

In Indonesia, we know this food as a layer cake. But in Malaysia, this food is known as Sarawak Lapis Cake . The typical Malaysian food of this neighboring country is usually served on certain occasions, such as Eid al-Fitr, Deepavali, birthday celebrations or weddings. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy this cake easily. Sarawak Lapis Cakes are still being sold even though it’s not Eid or Deepavali.

The specialty of the Sarawak Layer Cake lies in the motifs on each layer . This cake has unique motifs and colors that are more appetizing. Interestingly, this Sarawak Layer Cake is also available in original , strawberry, sweet and sour, orange and hazelnut chocolate flavors.

4. Keropok Lekor

Want to bring souvenirs in the form of typical Malaysian food specialties? Keropok Lekor is the right choice. This one food looks like pempek lenjer when it’s not fried. After being fried, the texture is slightly crunchier than pempek.

Keropok Lekor is made from processed fish, sago, salt, and sugar. The fish aroma from this food is so strong but that does not reduce the deliciousness of this food. To make it taste even better, Keropok Lekor is eaten together with a special sauce similar to Bangkok’s special sambal.

5. Kuih Kapit

Malaysia’s special food does have many similarities with the archipelago’s special dishes, such as this Kuih Kapit. This dry cake is almost exactly the same as Semprong. This Kapit cake batter is also the same as Semprong cake batter, which is just flour, sugar, and eggs.

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What makes Kuih Kapit and Semprong different is their shape, Semprong is usually shaped like a roll like a giant cigarette. Meanwhile, Kuih Kapit has a triangular shape. The taste of this special Malaysian cookie is delicious and the texture is crunchy. You can buy this Kuih Kapit as a souvenir that you can easily bring back home.

6. Malaysian dodol

Who says dodol can only be found in Indonesia? Malaysia also claims dodol as one of its signature foods. typical Malaysian food dodol is generally in the form of a miniature pyramid, while Indonesian dodol is known for its elongated finger-like shape.

The uniqueness of typical Malaysian food Dodol lies in its taste. Dodol from this neighboring country generally uses coconut and durian flavors so that the taste is still different from the dodol that is usually sold in Indonesia. Malaysian dodol can also last up to one week so you can bring this food as a souvenir.

7. Jala Bread

Furthermore, there is a Malaysian food that is quite unique in shape, its name is Roti Jala. Named Roti Jala because the shape of this food is like a net. The texture of Roti Jala is crunchy and the taste is great because it’s not too salty or too sweet.

In Malaysia, Roti Jala is usually served with curry sauce or peanut sauce. Considering that Roti Jala is dry food, you can buy it as a souvenir. However, upon arrival in Indonesia Roti Jala must be consumed immediately to keep it crunchy.

8. Curry

” How come the shape is similar to a pastel, anyway ?” Maybe this question immediately comes to your mind when you see Karipap’s appearance. Not only is it similar in shape, it turns out that the contents and taste of Karipap are also very similar to Pastel cakes which are usually sold in Indonesia.

The difference is that Karipap is not filled with carrots and vermicelli like Pastel. Karipap dumplings are filled with meat only. So, you can imagine that the meat is really full in this cake.

9. Spicy Maggi Giler

Want to bring souvenirs in the form of typical Malaysian food but don’t dare to take the risk that the food will spoil? The solution is to just bring food that is popular in Malaysia but packaged in instant form, such as Maggi Pedas Giler.

This instant noodle is very hyped in Malaysia. That said, the spicy taste is not the same as Samyang (Korean instant noodles), but even more spicy. This Giler Spicy Maggi is available in the flavor of Baked Chicken, Fiery Seafood and Tom Yummz.

10. Apam Balik

If you see Apam Balik, you will remember the sweet martabak, right ? Yes, Apam Balik is a typical Malaysian food sweet martabak. This one snack is usually sold on the roadside. You can buy Apam Balik to bring back to Indonesia. However, the taste will be better if consumed in less than 24 hours before this cake is made.

Does Apam Balik taste the same as the sweet martabak that is widely sold in Indonesia? It’s almost the same, but there’s still a slight difference, considering that Apam balik also uses pumpkin in the dough, while sweet martabak doesn’t add pumpkin. Apam Balik is also served with fillings of nuts, chocolate and cheese. Well, it’s very similar to sweet martabak, right ?

You can make these various foods from Malaysia as the right souvenirs for your family or those closest to you in Indonesia. To guarantee freshness, there’s nothing wrong with asking the seller about the validity period or the best before of the food you are going to buy. Also visit this typical Malaysian food souvenir article to find references for other souvenirs.


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