Own our Model on the Potomac River, Watermark’s largest waterfront residence.

A formal entry foyer welcomes you to 2,900 SF of Quality, Space, and Privacy. Crafted by IDI, the developer with a history of creating iconic waterfront condominiums, it’s a must see. 

Enjoy expansive views of the Potomac River from your living room and chef-inspired kitchen. A large separate dining room or family room opens to a covered balcony. Your owner’s suite and two guest bedrooms impress with uniquely large closets. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to own the waterfront Alexandria condos. Only 3 residences remain from $2.6M.

Furnished Model Open by Appointment

Rendering is an artist’s interpretation of the City of Alexandria’s Waterfront Plan.

Watermark Sunrise

Sunrise at Watermark reveals an old town waterfront visitors rarely see. The quiet lapping of wake upon waterfront in old town Alexandria, Virginia. Dogs taking their parents for a stroll. Dappled light dancing on the Potomac. This is how Watermark old town condos waterfront greets the day.

Tips for Selling Homes Online on the Internet For Your Property Agent!

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Tips for Selling Homes Online on the Internet For Your Property Agent!

Business in the property sector is increasingly competitive. This makes property agents have to continue to innovate in order to keep up with technological developments. Efforts to promote property business on the internet need to be balanced with supporting knowledge, such as the following online home selling tips.

Pinhome – In the digital era, selling houses online has become an activity that property agents need to do. Tips for selling houses online have also been widely spread on the internet so that it can make it easier for property agents to find references. However, sometimes there are tips that are still not understood and applied. Here are some tips for selling a house online that you can easily apply.

Take advantage of the Pinhome Partner Application

Data is the most important thing, especially for property agents. The Pinhome Partner application can be a personal “property data bank”. You can use the Pinhome Partner Application to sell houses, store client data to upload property photos to social media with the templates provided.

Upload High Quality Photos to Social Media

Generally, many property photos uploaded to social media are of low quality. This will cause the property photo to be blurry, have a poor resolution and even be difficult to see. Whereas good photo quality is the key to property promotion. If you are a professional property agent, then there is nothing wrong with investing in buying a smartphone with the best camera features. That way, you can upgrade the quality of your photos or videos for the better.

Take Pictures of Different Corners of the House
Often found photos of properties that only focus on the front view, family room, and master bedroom. This may not represent the advantages of the house. You as a property agent can take various pictures from other angles such as the garden, warehouse, the back of the house, the ceiling, environmental conditions outside the house, access to the house and other parts that can still be explored.

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Do Instagram and Facebook Live at Home Location

Instagram and Facebook Live are new breakthroughs for interacting with your clients. Through IG and Facebook Live at the location of the house being sold, you can simultaneously promote the property to clients on social media.

Actively Responding to Discussions on the Property Portal

Are you part of an online property community? Let’s take advantage of this to make yourself more shining and known to many people. Be an active member in responding to comments from other members on the discussion portal. You can also actively recommend the properties that you sell to members of the online community, who knows if there are potential clients who are interested.

Build a Personal Property Website

If you want to totally do business in the property world, then you can try to build your own simple property website. Think of this as your portfolio as a real estate agent. You can upload photos and a description of the property you are selling on the website. Choose a website name that is easy to remember and simple, such asjualproperti.com orjualbeliproperti.com and others. However, you need the services of a web developer to create a website like this. Chances are, you will spend Rp3-Rp5 million to build a personal property website.

Optimize Your Website Speed

Often found a property website takes 20-40 seconds to open completely. This is because the website speed has not been optimized properly. This could be due to the image size being too large. For that you need to optimize the speed of the website so that it can be opened within 2-5 seconds. To do this you need the help of web developer services. There’s nothing wrong with trying this in order to make your property business more developed, right?

That’s all some information about online home selling tips on the Internet for you property agents! Let’s start applying the tips above to promote the property you are selling!



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