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Top 10 capsule hotels and hostels

Small but very useful: capsule hotels are now popping up everywhere. We’ve rounded up examples of the best and most stylish hotels, small but there’s a lot you can do here.

Yor Yak Hostel in Bangkok, Thailand

The sleeping capsules at Yor Yak Hostel are like an oasis of calm, neutrality, with a clean and comfortable design. This serene theme is also found throughout the hostel area, complemented by colorful decorations and street art. The effect is calming and energizing. Continental and Thai breakfasts will fill guests’ bellies to prepare them for a day exploring Thailand’s bustling capital.

Funky Sport Capsule Hostel in Saint Petersburg, Russia

An eco-friendly capsule hostel in the heart of Saint Petersburg, Funky Sport mixes cute and cute décor with eye-catching details like soundproof sleeping pods. The multilingual staff here are ready to introduce guests to Saint Petersburg, make promising recommendations and cater to restaurant and tour bookings.

Linker Partyhouse in Andong, South Korea

Linker Partyhouse has 20 capsule rooms decorated in white and pastel colors, with finishing touches such as strings. This capsule features a dedicated shelf, hidden drawer and night light. The common area, meanwhile, is full of local crafts and naturally printed fabrics, partly inspired by the nearby Museum of Traditional Cultural Content, the Andong Craftwork Cultural Exhibition Hall and the Andong Folk Museum.

Kyoto Millennials in Kyoto, Japan

The Millennials Kyoto is a contemporary capsule hotel with co-working spaces reserved for digital nomads. The atmosphere here is encouraging to work and balanced by the hotel’s calm palette. When you’re in bed, enjoy the sounds of nature in a soundproof room that will keep you from getting tired.

Comicap Kyoto in Kyoto, Japan

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This comic-themed capsule hotel is just a 15-minute bus ride from the Kyoto International Manga Museum. The capsule bed is surrounded by bookshelves full of contemporary and classic comics. Having a shared sitting area, complete with a long sofa, is perfect for reading and meeting other comic fans.

Capsule Hotel InterQUBE Chistye Prudy in Moscow, Russia

The InterQUBE Capsule Hotel Chistye Prudy is in the Basmanny district of Moscow and offers services that are just as convenient as its location. Single and double sleeping pods are available, with blackout curtains, foam mattresses and a safe large enough to fit a large suitcase or backpack.

Sleep in Hong Kong

With its sci-fi appearance, the capsule hotel Sleeep is focused on the future and has won many awards. The hotel is a minimalist hotel, with recessed circadian lighting creating a warm glow throughout the building, and beautiful plant walls providing a touch of green. Fingerprint door lock on each sleeping pod for extra security.

Station 1 in Fujinomiya, Japan

Each sleeping pod at Station 1 is designed in the style of a traditional Japanese ryokan. Imagine Floors covered in tatami mats, futon beds, paper walls (which are somehow still soundproof!) and common areas decorated with Japanese rock gardens. There is also a Western-style dining area, complete with plush leather sofas.

Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Osaka Namba in Osaka, Japan

Welcome to J-SHIP, a capsule hotel that takes traditional aspects into unique accommodation types. With dozens of clean sleeping pods and a large common area to compete with high-end hotels, J-SHIP is ideal for first-time capsule hotel stays.

Cabin & Lounge Highland Station Inn in Yamanashi, Japan

The Cabin & Lounge Highland Station Inn is less than an hour’s drive from Mount Fuji and many hikers stop here on their way to Japan’s highest peak. It’s easy to see the appeal as this capsule inn provides ample comfort. If you are traveling with little luggage, then the convenience and information from the staff is very useful even for experienced climbers.


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