10 Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles that Make You Feel At Home

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10 Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles that Make You Feel At Home

Los Angeles is the most populous city in the state of California. It is the second most populous city in the United States after New York. As a metropolis, the appeal of Los Angeles is very strong. Anyone who vacations in the United States feels less complete if they don’t visit Los Angeles.

This city with a population of 3,792,612 has a number of very interesting tourist attractions. Wandering will review 10 tourist attractions in Los Angeles that can make you feel at home there. Come on, explore cool tourist spots in this city which has the nickname ” City of Angels “.

10 Tourist Attractions in Los Angeles

1. Hollywood Sign

You must have seen the big “Hollywood” in the hills, right ? It turns out that the ” Hollywood Sign ” is a tourist spot in Los Angeles that is never missed in the list of visits by tourists from various countries who are on vacation to Los Angeles.

This super large “Hollywood” sign is on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills area. Tourists who come here will definitely not miss the opportunity to take pictures with the background of this large “Hollywood” writing. However, you can only take pictures from a distance because tourists are strongly discouraged from climbing the hills where the “Hollywood Sign” is located because it is very steep and steep.

2. Disneyland

Been to “the happiest place on earth ”? Yes, especially if it’s not Disneyland. Even though Japan and Hong Kong already have their own Disneyland, it doesn’t feel complete if you don’t visit Disneyland Los Angeles.

According to tourists who have been to Disneyland Los Angeles and two other Disneyland in Asia, Disneyland Los Angeles is much more interesting and magnificent. There is a wide variety of entertaining rides and attractions from Disney characters.

In the evening, don’t miss the fireworks display behind the castle which is very entertaining. In addition, here there is also a resort where guests can get the privilege to be directly greeted by Disney characters in the morning.

3. Universal Studio Hollywood

Los Angeles is indeed a paradise for fun entertainment. There are two well-known theme parks that are tourist attractions in Los Angeles that are very mandatory to visit. In addition to Disneyland, Los Angeles also has Universal Studios Hollywood. Of course Universal Studios in Los Angeles is much bigger, entertaining , and fun when compared to Universal Studios Singapore.

Here there are various rides and attractions combined with box office films produced by Universal Studios. For example, there are Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Fast & Furious – Supercharged, King Kong 360-3D, Dreamworks Theater Featuring Kungfu Panda, The Walking Dead Attraction, Jurassic Park – The Ride, and Transformers The Ride-3D.

Not to mention there are a myriad of interesting attractions that add to our insight into the world of cinema, such as The World-Famous Studio Tour and Special Effects Show. Anyway, Universal Studios Hollywood is a place that must be on your list when vacationing in Los Angeles.

4. Walk of Fame

Haven’t been to Los Angeles if you haven’t stopped at this landmark . The Walk of Fame is also a must-visit tourist spot in Los Angeles. On the 15-block sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard and 3 blocks on Vine Street, there are the names of public figures enshrined on the floor.

To date, more than 2,600 names have been recorded. Usually tourists will take pictures with the “star” of the name of their idol. If you are lucky, you may see the inauguration of one of the “stars” which may be attended by the owner of the name on the “star”.

5. The GRAMMY Museum

GRAMMY is one of the prestigious awards. It is everyone’s dream to be able to attend the GRAMMY Awards. Unfortunately, not everyone can attend the GRAMMY Awards. Even if you can, the admission to the award is sold at a very high price.

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Even if you can’t attend the GRAMMY Awards, you can visit the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles. This is an interactive and educational museum that invites you to get to know the history and GRAMMY winners.

The name is indeed “museum”, but the place is far from boring. In fact, there are objects of historical value that we can see here, you know .

6. Santa Monica

A city located west of Los Angeles has earned the nickname as a beach city. The reason is, in Santa Monica there are a number of beaches that are sure to be a favorite for local and foreign tourists. The beaches in Santa Monica are Santa Monica Bay, Malibu, and Venice Beach.

Along the road to Santa Monica Bay there are shops and restaurants that you can visit. Even though it’s a metropolitan city, it turns out that Santa Monica also has cool beaches, right! In fact, this city has been named one of the ten cities with the best beaches by National Geographic.

7. TCL Chinese Theaters

Why go all the way to Los Angeles to watch a movie? If the cinema is as cool as TCL Chinese Theaters, who can resist? Moreover, in this cinema, the red carpet premieres of box office films are often held . So , you could say that this cinema building is really special.

TCL Chinese Theaters has become one of the tourist attractions in Los Angeles because its cinemas use advanced technology, namely the IMAX Laser. Of course, the quality of the films and audio that is displayed is more stunning than you watch in a regular cinema or IMAX.

8. Farmers Market

Culinary is a must-do agenda when you are in LA. One of the best places for a culinary tour is Farmers Market. In this place there are many vendors who sell typical Los Angeles cuisine. However, there are also vendors selling Latin American and Asian specialties.

Farmers Market has always been a gathering place for Los Angeles residents and foreign tourists alike. This culinary center, which has been open since 1934, sells delicious food at a fairly affordable price compared to eating at restaurants in this city.

9. Sunset Boulevard

The best place to enjoy sunset views in Los Angeles is not on the beach, but on Sunset Boulevard. Sunset Boulevard is known for its fruit orchards, but the attraction of this place is a wide road with coconut trees on the left and right. Then, the view of the sunset will be seen between the streets lined with shops.

Cool, Sunset Boulevard should indeed be immortalized in your photo frame. Moreover, from here we can also see the hill “Hollywood Sign” from a distance. Absolutely amazing!

10. Griffith . Observatory

Finally, there is a tourist spot in Los Angeles that allows you to enjoy views of LA City from a height, namely the Griffith Observatory. This place can be visited day or night. However, Wandering recommends that you visit at night because the view of LA City at night is much more stunning.

The Griffith Observatory is not a towering skyscraper. It’s just that this observatory is located in the highlands of Los Angeles so that it allows every visitor to be able to enjoy the view of Los Angeles as a whole.

Here are 10 tourist attractions in Los Angeles that you must visit. So interesting, you might not want to go home because the tourist attractions in this city are very pampering tourists.

Also find out other places to visit in America’s most populous city, New York, in this article on the most popular places to visit in New York .


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