Come on, Take a Romantic Walk in These 10 Tourist Places in Paris

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Come on, Take a Romantic Walk in These 10 Tourist Places in Paris

Paris is claimed to be the most romantic city in the world. In fact, the Eiffel Tower, which is a landmark of the French capital, has become a dream romantic destination for women around the world. The view of the old buildings that are still well maintained brings warmth to Paris.

It turns out that not only the Eiffel Tower is the target for tourists who vacation in Paris. There are various other tourist attractions in Paris that you must visit when you are on a romantic trip to this city with your partner. Wandering has compiled a list of the 10 best tourist attractions in Paris that you can visit with your loved ones.

10 Tourist Attractions in Romantic Paris

1. Eiffel Tower

Haven’t been to Paris if you haven’t visited this landmark of the City of Paris. The Eiffel Tower does have a big enough attraction for tourists. This magnificent tower was built in the Champ de Mars Park on the banks of the River Seine.

Although it has been built since 1889, this 300 meter high tower still seems to stand firmly. You can pay a ticket to get to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower. In addition, this popular tourist spot in Paris also has a romantic restaurant on the lower floor of the tower.

2. Museum Louvre

Remember the inverted pyramid at Summarecon Mal Bekasi that we discussed in the best Bekasi photo hunting spots ? Well, it seems that the inverted pyramid was inspired by the Louvre Museum in Paris. This art museum with an artistic building full of historical value has a glass pyramid which is the mascot for the Louvre Museum.

The contents of this museum also vary, ranging from sculptures to paintings. In fact, in this museum you can see a phenomenal painting by Leonardo da Vinci, namely the Mona Lisa. Until now, the Louvre Museum still holds the title as the most visited art museum in the world.

3. Arch of Triumph

This triumphal arch-shaped monument is in the center of Place Charles de Gaulle, at the end of the Champs-Élysées. Almost every tourist who visits Paris will definitely not miss the opportunity to take pictures with the background of this monument that was built in the 18th century.

The Arc de Triomphe was built to honor the services of those who fought for France during the Napoleonic Wars. In one of the districts in Indonesia, namely Kediri, also made a replica of the Arc de Triomphe called the Simpang Lima Gumul Monument.

4. Arts Bridge

When you hear the name “Pont des Arts” you may feel less familiar with this tourist spot in Paris. However, if you’ve seen the pictures, you’ve probably seen them in movies or photos. Yes, this bridge is decorated by thousands to millions of love locks from tourists from various countries who come here.

Many couples come here and lock colorful padlocks that have their initials written on them with the intention of locking their love. After that, the key to the padlock was thrown into the Seine River under the Pont des Arts Bridge to immortalize the love of the couple.

5. River Seine

Not far from the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the Pont des Arts, there is a 777 meter long river that looks very beautiful at night. The reflection of the lights from the buildings around the river seems to make the night atmosphere very romantic.

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Take your partner for a leisurely stroll while chatting along the Seine at night. In addition, you can also rent a yacht to sail on the Seine River which looks very stunning. In fact, there are also cruise ships that offer sailing packages and romantic dinners on board while down this river.

6. Sacred Heart

This one is a Roman Catholic Church that is never empty of visitors. Many people from various parts of the world come here to worship or just visit the church which was built in 1875.

If you visit here, you will not only see the splendor of the place of worship, but the Sacré Cœur is very close to Montmartre, where street artists exhibit their work. To make your trip to Sacré Cœur even more interesting, Montmartre also has many museums, art galleries and Parisian cafes.

7. The Marsh

Le Marais is a historic district in the City of Paris. You can see historical buildings with very interesting architecture when you walk the streets of Le Marais. Walking through Le Marais will make you feel like you are in medieval Paris, where the streets are still very old.

Rows of cafes and small shops seem to decorate the alleys of Le Marais. This district still looks attractive even though it is visited in summer or winter.

8. Jardin du Luxembourg

Visiting tourist attractions in Paris doesn’t have to be expensive . You can take your partner to the Jardin du Luxembourg. This park has green grass that is clean and tidy. The scenery is even more beautiful thanks to the colorful flowers that look refreshing to the eyes.

Many local people or tourists come here to just relax while sitting on the fresh green grass. Visit the Jardin du Luxembourg in the morning around 8 – 11 local time to get good, not too hot sun.

9. Notre Dame Cathedral

No less famous as the Sacré Cœur, Notre Dame Cathedral was built first, namely in the 12th century. Miraculously, this gothic -style church still looks sturdy and majestic to this day. The classic interior in this church will surely amaze you because it is very artistic and rich in historical value.

From Notredame Cathedral, you can see the scenery around Paris from a height or visit the basement of this building which is open to the public.

10. Place De La Concorde

Paris City Square is a must-visit attraction before you end your trip in this romantic city. Place De La Concorde is a spacious and very clean town square. There are monuments, fountains, and statues of high artistic value that seem to decorate this square.

Classic lampposts also seem to emit a serene light at night. A walk with a partner while holding the stairs down the Place De La Concorde has become a romantic activity, especially if it is done at night with friendly weather.

Come on, take note of all the recommendations for tourist attractions in Paris below. It’s time to save money to take your partner on a romantic vacation to Paris. Although the cost required is quite large, seeing the various tourist attractions in Paris that are very interesting, it seems worth spending a lot of money for a romantic trip with your beloved partner.


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