Amazing, Here Are Various Sophisticated Transportation Cards Used In Korea 2022

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Transportation Cards, Korea has implemented a cashless payment system, one of which is for Transportation Cards. Koreans already use transportation cards to pay for buses, subways , intercity buses, or taxis. Foreign tourists can also enjoy this service. Various special transportation cards for foreign tourists have been prepared by the Korean government.

The use of this transportation card makes it easier for tourists when traveling in Korea. They don’t have to bother carrying cash. In addition, tourists can also enjoy discounts and other facilities provided by the card. Where can the card be purchased and how to use it? Come on, see the explanation of the following wandering .

T-Money And Cashbee Transportation Cards

T-Money and Cashbee cards are transportation cards that can be refilled and used to pay for transportation costs, such as buses and subways . Both of these cards can be used in several metropolitan cities throughout Korea. This card makes it easy for commuters and travelers who want to travel many times or travel to several places.

By using a T-Money or Cashbee card they no longer need to be bothered by buying tickets every time they want to travel or when they want to move to another mode of transportation. For example, when someone has to change modes of transportation, that person doesn\’t have to bother going to the ticket counter. Just bring one transportation card.

Another advantage that can be obtained from T-money and Cashbee cards is that these cards can also be used to pay for groceries at convenience stores, such as Se7-Eleven, Ministop, or GS25, large retailers, or at vending machines . To find out if you can pay using a T-money or Cashbee card, all you have to do is look for the logo inside or outside the store.

T-Money Transportation Cards Type

T-Money cards are traded in various forms, not only in the form of cards. Common forms are, such as Internet Money, Cellular Phone Cards, Phone Hangers, Debit/Credit Cards, and T-Money Cards in general.

T-money cards in the form of “Internet T-Money” must be purchased online at the T-Money website. Internet T-Money refers to a T-Money card that is connected to a computer using USB. This card can be topped up via the internet. In addition, it can also be used as an online T-Money transaction tool. There are T-Money cards in the form of USB, so they can also be used for data storage.

A cell phone card refers to a phone card that can be used as a t-money cashbee transit card. Information about the card is stored on the USIM card used in the cell phone. Several providers that provide telephone cards that can be used as T-Money are SK Telecom and KTF.

With a cellular phone card, users can also check balances and top up t-money cashbee from their cell phones, apart from being used as a transportation card in general.

Another T-Money card is in the form of a hanger which is usually used for decoration on mobile phones. This shaped card has the same function as the other cards. This card can be purchased at convenience stores as well as on T-Money’s website, t-money.co.kr , online.

Where to Purchase T-Money and CashBee Cards

Department stores such as 7-Eleven, GS25, CU, Buy the Way, and Ministop are places to go to buy T-Money and CashBee cards. In addition, cards can be purchased at ticket vending machines and card reloading machines inside subway stations in the Seoul metropolitan area. T-Money in the form of a card is sold for 2,500 won and other forms are sold at different prices.

The T-Money Transportation Cards provides discounts for children and teens. To get a discount, users can request to be registered with the cashier at the place of card purchase. The cashier will add the date of birth to the card.

A discounted card will make a sound more than once when affixed to a card reader. Then the driver or guard will check the user to avoid abuse. If there is fraud, a very large fine will be imposed. More expensive than the discounted price given. So, don’t try to cheat like this.

T-Money and CashBee Card Top Up Tempat

To top up T-Money and CashBee cards, you can do it at the top-up machines available at all subway stations . You can also refill it at convenience stores that provide refill services. The amount of money that can be put into the refill machine starts from 1,000 won to 50,000 won.

Filling in the refill machine can be done by selecting the amount of money displayed on the machine screen and then entering the money. Once filled, the screen will show the amount of money in the T-Money or CashBee card.

Refund of Remaining Money

If there is still a lot of t-money cashbee available in the card, but the user wants to leave Korea, the Transportation Cards user can make a refund. If the remaining amount is 20,000 won or less, users can pick up the remaining money at the card seller’s convenience store or T-Money automatic refund

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Any remaining money above 20,000 won must be taken care of at the T-Money customer card service center located at most subway stations . Money will be returned at the venue. If the card is damaged or defective so that it cannot be read by the T-Money system, it may take about seven to ten business days for the money to be refunded.

How To Use The Transportation Cards

  • Subway

When going to ride the subway , users must stick the card in the card reader machine until they hear a sound. The card reader will show the amount paid at the top and the remaining money at the bottom.

  • Bus

When boarding the bus, users enter from the front door, then the card is attached to a card reader located near the driver. Wait until you hear a sound from the machine. The fare and the remaining money will be printed on the card reader just like when taking the subway. When disembarking, passengers must also paste the card in the card reader located at the rear door.

  • Taxi

T-Money and CashBee cards can be used for taxis that have the T-Money or CashBee logo on their cars. Tell the driver when you will use the transportation card. In the taxi there is a card reader machine that is used to collect fares from taxi users.

Transport Card for Tourists

In addition to T-Money and CashBee cards, there are also other transportation cards specifically for tourists visiting South Korea. Here are the names of the cards available:

1. Korea Tour Card

This card allows tourists to conveniently access transportation facilities in Korea, such as subways , taxis, and buses. Tour Transportation Cards offer discounts, for example for shopping, watching shows, or eating and drinking. This discount is given by 196 brands. This card sells for 4,000 won.

Tour Transportation Cards can be purchased at convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven, GS25, CU or emart24 (though not convenience stores sell Tour Cards), Incheon Airport, Shinhan and Woori Banks in Incheon and Myeongdong, also at Doota Mall, Duty shops -free, and OLIVEYOUNG main stores in Myeongdong.

2. MPpass

MPASS / Metropolitan Pass is a transportation card that is specifically used in the city of Seoul and Jeju Island. Keep in mind, MPASS cannot be used to pay for taxi fares and groceries at convenience stores. MPASS has a shelf life of 1 to 7 days. MPASS requires users to deposit 5,000 won. When the card is returned, the user will receive 4,500 Won.

3. Discover Seoul Pass

This Transportation Cards functions like a T-Money card and can be used to enter several tourist attractions in Seoul for free. This card has a duration of time, which is from 24 hours to 72 hours. The Discover Seoul Pass can be used for public transportation. Discounts are given for shopping and watching shows. 24-hour card prices 39,900 won, 48 hours 55,000 won and 72 hours 70,000 won.

The Discover Seoul Pass can be purchased at Incheon Airport Terminal 1, Hana Bank and CU convenience stores located at the airport, as well as 23 retail locations throughout Seoul.

4. Amazing Pay T-Money

Amazing Pay T-Money can be used to pay the Incheon airport bus fare. Like T-Money, this card can be used as a means of payment at convenience stores and there is a discount if it is used for public transportation. Discounts are also offered for restaurants and cultural venues. The price of this card is 50,000 won consisting of the card price of 4,000 won and the money on the card 46,000 won.

Card purchases can be made at the Incheon International Airport bus ticket booth, terminal 1.

5. Seoul City Pass Card

The Seoul City Pass can be used for subways in Seoul city, around Gyeonggi province and local buses up to 20 times without any distance restrictions. It can also be used for the palace route, downtown, and the Seoul City Tour night view bus route. The card cannot be used for buses in Incheon and red buses in Gyeonggi province. The card price is 15,000 won for 1 day, 25,000 for 2 days and 35,000 for 3 days.

To purchase this card, the buyer is required to present a passport and the card can only be purchased at Incheon International Airport.

6. City Pass Plus Transportation Cards

City Pass Plus is a flexible form of the Seoul City Pass card. What distinguishes it is the unlimited usability and can be refilled according to the wishes of the cardholder. This card costs 3,000 won. Cardholders can add money as they wish. The Seoul Pass Plus Transportation Cards can be used in Seoul, in several major cities and other districts.

To buy this Transportation Cards, all you have to do is come to the convenience store or you can buy it online on the T-Money site.

The transportation card provides convenience and comfort to Transportation Cards users, both Korean citizens and foreign tourists when using public transportation. Well, if you are interested in vacationing in Korea, see also this article on the estimated cost of a vacation to Korea to estimate the budget that must be spent.


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