These Types Public Transportation Are The Popular In Malaysia 2022-2023

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These Types Public Transportation, Taking a vacation to Malaysia is not enough just once. Why? Because in Malaysia itself there are several cities which are favorite tourist destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Penang, Kuching, and also Langkawi.

In addition to a vacation budget to Malaysia which is quite affordable when compared to the cost of a vacation in Singapore , Malaysia is also supported by a complete types public transportation system that makes it easier for tourists to reach popular tourist areas.

So, for those of you who are first timers visiting Malaysia, you won’t have any trouble finding types public transportation that is ready to take you for a walk to explore Malaysia.

In the following, Exploration has summarized the types of public transportation commonly used in Malaysia, especially for tourists. Some are free too, you know! Curious? Here’s the complete list.

1. Train

In Malaysia, there is a rail-based types public transportation system consisting of the KL Monorail, LRT, MRT, KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit as well as KTM Komuter.

All of these types public transportation, except for the KTM Komuter, have been integrated with each other and are known as the Klang Valley Integrated Rail Transit . Then, what is the difference between each of these rail-based modes of types public transportation? Check out the full explanation.

  • KL Monorail

The first rail-based fleet that will be discussed is the KL Monorail. This train, which is operated by hovering or elevated , consists of one track that connects the central KL station to Titiwangsa.

With a train form consisting of a series of 2 or 4 cars, the KL Monorail route passes at least 11 stations where some of them are favorite tourist destinations such as the Bukit Bintang station, Maharajalela station which is close to Chinatown and Petaling Street Night Market, or Imbi station which is near with shopping attractions such as Berjaya Times Square.

Buying a KL Monorail ticket is also fairly easy, because there are vending machines available at every station. Or, you can also use the Touch n Go types public transportation card to be able to try this KL monorail.

  • LRT (Light Rapid Transit)

Another popular (elevated) train in Malaysia is the Light Rapid Transit or abbreviated as LRT. The LRT line itself is divided into two, namely Jalan Ampang / Sri Petaling and Kelana Jaya, where these two lines can meet at Masjid Jamek Station, and this allows you to change routes from Ampang to Kelana Jaya, or vice versa.

To get on this LRT, you can buy LRT tickets through the ticket machine at the station or use the Touch n Go types public transportation card (a type of EZ Link card in Singapore). In addition, this LRT has also been integrated with the MRT at certain stations such as Pasar Seni Station, Merdeka Station, and Maluri Station.

Both the Ampang / Sri Petaling and Kelana Jaya Routes each pass through a number of stations which are very close to busy tourist attractions such as Chinatown, Central Market, KLCC, and many more.

  • MRT

Officially opened in 2016, MRT adds to the long list of rail-based types public transportation in Malaysia. To be able to access this MRT, you can start your journey from the Negara Muzium Station, which is not far from the KL Sentral station.

A very clear signboard from KL Sentral to the Negara Muzium Station will help direct you to the location of the Negara Muzium Station on foot.

How to use the MRT in Malaysia is also almost similar to the MRT in Singapore . It\’s just that, if the standard MRT ticket in Singapore is in the form of a card, in Malaysia the MRT ticket is in the form of coins. As for types public transportation cards like EZ Link in Singapore, Malaysia has a similar card called Touch & Go.

The area traversed by the MRT line in Malaysia almost covers most of the tourist destinations in Kuala Lumpur starting from KL Sentral, Pasar Seni, Bukit Bintang and many more. So, if you visit Malaysia, take the time to try the MRT, OK?

  • KLIA Express

KLIA Ekspress is one of the most convenient types public transportation from the airport to downtown KL Sentral. This train route starts from KLIA2 to KLIA and goes directly to KL Sentral, or vice versa non-stop without stopping or transiting at other stations.

With departure intervals every 15-20 minutes, the travel time required from KLIA2/KLIA to KL Sentral is quite short, which is around 33 minutes with a fare of RM 55 for one way and RM 100 for a return trip.

Meanwhile, for trips between terminals, namely from KLIA 2 to KLIA, or vice versa, you are only charged a fare of RM 2 with a travel time of only 3 minutes.

When compared to the bus fleet, the KLIA express is somewhat more expensive. But of course it\’s worth the time efficiency and comfort during a jam-free trip.

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KLIA Transit

Similar to KLIA Ekspress, KLIA Transit also connects routes from KLIA2 airport, or KLIA 1 to KL Sentral and vice versa. It’s just that KLIA Transit works like a commuter train which will stop at certain stations before finally arriving at KL Sentral.

The KLIA Transit routes include from KLIA2, KLIA, Salak Tinggi, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Bandar Tasik Selatan, and finally at KL Sentral.

The distance from KLIA 2 to KL Sentral is around 39 minutes with departure intervals every 20-30 minutes. The fare itself is 55 RM/trip for departures from KLIA/KLIA1 to KL Sentral. However, fares will differ depending on the intended stopping station.

KTM Commuter

The Malay Land Train or KTM Komuter is nothing but a type of commuter train like trains in the country that reach The Klang Valley and its surroundings. The KTM Commuter Line consists of two lanes, namely the Seremban Pass and the Port Klang Pass (Port Klang).

Tourists usually use this fleet to go to Batu Caves tourist attractions with departures via the KL Sentral station. With a considerable distance from KL Sentral to Batu Caves, the fare charged is only 2.6 RM. You can easily buy train tickets at the vending machines at the station, or directly at the officer\’s counter. Pretty cheap and easy, right?

2. Buses

Buses are land types public transportation that are almost always available in all countries around the world, including in Malaysia. This time, what we will discuss is about the two types of buses that are most frequently used, both by foreign tourists and by Malaysian citizens themselves. Here’s more information.

  • GO KL

GO KL Bus is a free bus service that routes around the city center, especially in Kuala Lumpur. This bus is actually intended for tourists who want to go around exploring various tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur.

However, over time this facility was finally used by local residents there. So don’t be surprised, if during rush hours, this bus will be very crowded with passengers so you have to be a little crowded.

The operational hours of GO KL are from 06.00 am to 11 pm on weekdays, and from 07.00 am to 11 pm on weekends. The departure interval is approximately 5 to 10 minutes but sometimes longer.

This GO KL bus consists of several lines or lines with different routes as follows:

  1. Green Line : Serving the route from KLCC to Bukit Bintang
  2. Purple Line : Serving the route from Pasar Seni to Bukit Bintang
  3. Blue Line : Serving the route from Titiwangsa Bus Terminal to Bukit Bintang
  4. Red Line : Serving the route from Titiwangsa Bus Terminal to KL Sentral


Rapid KL itself is actually a government-owned company that handles the types public transportation sector, and one of them is bus types public transportation. You could say the Rapid KL bus is a bus transportation fleet that dominates almost all regional routes in Kuala Lumpur amidst several other bus companies.

As with buses in general, you can find this bus at bus stops spread across the Kuala Lumpur area. To get on this bus, you only need to prepare the fare according to the intended fare and route, either using cash or by tapping the Touch n Go types public transportation card. Prepare small denominations or small change because the driver will not give you change. Therefore, cash is a mandatory item that you must prepare when on vacation to Malaysia

The KL rapid bus route covers many areas such as Ampang, Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Klang Lama and many more. If you get bored traveling around Malaysia with rail-based types public transportation, you can try exploring the city by using this Rapid KL bus.

3. Taxi

Taxis are types public transportation that almost all countries have, including Malaysia. There are two types of taxis that will be discussing this time, namely metered taxis and online taxis as follows.

  • Argo Taxi

Almost the same as taxis in Indonesia, taxis in Malaysia also apply metered rates for each trip. Using a taxi certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It is common knowledge that taxi fares are always more expensive than other types public transportation. Naturally, because driving by taxi will certainly be more comfortable and flexible, especially if you have a lot of luggage or large luggage.

You can find taxis in Malaysia starting from arriving at the airport, at the hotel, in tourist areas, at places or on other public roads. A few tips for those of you who want to drive by taxi in Malaysia are to go with some friends so you can share costs to make it more efficient.

Apart from that, pay the fare according to the meter because it is not uncommon for some rogue drivers to charge far above what they should be.

Online Taxi

Of course, you are already familiar with online application-based types public transportation such as Grab and Gojek. These two online transportation providers are also present in Malaysia . If you previously had these two applications on your smartphone, then all you have to do is use them as usual. The only difference is the change in location and rates using the ringgit currency.

The rate of using an online taxi will certainly be a little more economical than most metered taxis. If you are tired of going back and forth using the train or bus, you can relax a little more by using this online taxi.

Those are the types of transportation in Malaysia that are commonly used by travelers. Adjust your needs and budget when you want to choose transportation while in Malaysia. If you have other types public transportation recommendations in Malaysia, don\’t forget to write them in the comments column, OK?


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