Wow! Here Are 10 Typical Malaysian Souvenirs That You Should Buy, Surely You Are Familiar With The Words Souvenirs When You Go On Vacation

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Wow! 10 Typical Malaysian Souvenirs that Must Be Purchased When You Visit or Have a Vacation in the Country Malaysia is a tourism destination that is most in demand by Indonesian tourists besides Singapore and Thailand. Accommodation costs in Malaysia are cheaper than Singapore. Apart from that, there are several cities which are tourist destinations in Malaysia, such as Kuala Lumpur , Johor Bahru , Melaka , Penang , Langkawi, and also Kuching . So, are you planning to spend your upcoming holidays in Malaysia?

While on vacation in Malaysia, you can go around tourist attractions while enjoying a variety of typical foods . But remember, don’t forget your family and friends in Indonesia. So, to please them, you can bring the following typical Malaysian souvenirs.

1. Typical Malaysian Souvenirs t-shirts

Just like Singapore and Thailand , Typical Malaysian Souvenirs also has unique t-shirts that can be used as souvenirs for relatives in the country. There are many choices of typical Malaysian t-shirts, ranging from t-shirts with the Petronas Towers, t-shirts with the words I ♥ MY or I ♥ KL, or t-shirts with the image of Batu Caves.

Tips for getting t-shirts at low prices are to buy them at street vendors in large quantities. You can bid at a lower price if you buy several t-shirts. Prices for premium quality t-shirts are generally around RM 18 or 60 thousand rupiah.

2. Silver Crafts

Crafts made from silver metal are one of the must-buy handicrafts when in Malaysia. Since ancient times, silver has been a very important valuable item in the Kingdom of Typical Malaysian Souvenirs. At that time, silver was used to show social status for people with blue blood.

However, nowadays silver handicrafts can be obtained easily to be used as souvenirs. Cast silver is much cheaper than wrought silver. Examples of silver handicrafts that can be purchased as souvenirs are silver plates, accessories, and belts.

3. Malaysia Keychains and Magnets

Typical Malaysian Souvenirs keychain This mainstream souvenir is very easy to obtain in various souvenir shops or even minimarkets in Malaysia. This unique Malaysian key chain has various types, such as 3D key chains, embossed key chains, and many more. Likewise with magnets.

You can find various types of unique Typical Malaysian Souvenirs-themed magnets. In general, these magnets and keychains have images or shapes similar to Typical Malaysian Souvenirs landmarks , such as the Petronas Twin Towers, Batu Caves, Gunung Mulu National Park, Sunway Lagoon, and Sepang International Circuit.

4. Miniature Petronas Twin Towers

It is undeniable that the Petronas Twin Towers are a landmark of pride for Typical Malaysian Souvenirs. The building which was once the tallest building in the world in 1998 – 2004 is an attraction for foreign tourists visiting Malaysia.

It’s incomplete if you don’t take pictures against the backdrop of the twin towers while walking around the country. So, for souvenirs, you can buy this miniature of the Petronas Twin Towers. To get this miniature, you can buy it at the souvenir shop in Bukit Bintang.

5. Tin Craft

Apart from silver, tin handicrafts are also typical souvenir icons from Malaysia. This tin craft has a variety of shapes. Unfortunately, handicrafts from tin are priced a bit expensive. So, you should only buy this tin craft for the people closest to you.

Since they are a bit expensive, you can buy small items made of tin, such as matches, pen cases, and picture frames. If you want a tin craft with a larger size, you can buy a wall clock or a mug. One place that sells premium quality tin crafts in Malaysia is Royal Selangor.

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6. Milo Malaysia

Milo is chocolate milk which is widely sold in Indonesia. So, why can Milo sold in Malaysia be used as souvenirs? What’s the difference between Milo in Malaysia and those sold in Indonesia?

If you look at the packaging, at first glance there is no difference between Milo sold in their own country and in Malaysia. The difference is only visible from the language used on the packaging.

However, after trying it, it turns out that Milo Malaysia has a more intense and pronounced chocolate flavor. Therefore, Milo which is sold in Malaysia can be used as food souvenirs for family and friends who are in Indonesia.

7. Malaysian Chocolate

Isn’t it easy to buy chocolate in Indonesia? Right. However, this Typical Malaysian Souvenirs chocolate has a different taste and is certainly very delicious. One variant of Malaysian chocolate that is very unique is durian chocolate.

Just imagine when the taste of chocolate and durian melt together in the mouth. Hm.. The taste is certainly very delicious and legit! Malaysia is also claimed to be the fifth best chocolate producer in the world. So, typical Malaysian chocolate is very suitable to be brought as a souvenir. Apart from chocolate, there are still many delicious Malaysian snacks to serve as snacks and souvenirs.

8. Lego

Lego is a type of multi-colored boxes that can be arranged into specific characters, buildings, or anything. This toy does not come from Malaysia, but from Denmark. However, the only Legoland in Southeast Asia is in Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia.

This toy is very popular and quite expensive. When visiting Malaysia, take the time to stop by at Legoland. There you can also buy some Lego toys to give to family or friends in Indonesia.

9. Bros

A choice of beautiful Typical Malaysian Souvenirs that won’t burden your luggage when you return to Indonesia are brooches. Yes, brooches are accessories that are usually worn on clothes or headscarves.

It’s easy to find brooches in several places in Malaysia. Brooches sold in Malaysia are mostly designed specifically for women. So, you can buy this Malaysian brooch for your mother, wife, or your best friend and sister. The price also varies greatly depending on the design and the place where you buy the brooch.

10. Wood Carving

The last reference to Typical Malaysian Souvenirs wood carving. The wood carvings sold by traders in Malaysia are very unique and beautiful. The price also varies. If you buy it in a gallery, of course the price will be a little expensive. However, if you buy at a street vendor, you can bring these wood carvings at a lower price.

So, what is the specialty of this wood carving? The wood carvings sold in Malaysia are generally made by the ethnic communities of Sabah and Sarawak. In fact, some native Malaysian tribes also produce crafts from this wood so that the shape is very unique and of high artistic value.

Overall, the list of typical Malaysian souvenirs above won’t drain your wallet too much. These various souvenirs can be purchased in cities in Malaysia, such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru , and others. In addition, you must be careful when buying souvenirs for relatives in Indonesia. The reason is, you have to keep saving on the cost of your accommodation while in Malaysia.

In addition, you also have to pay attention to the luggage capacity that you have. Don’t let your luggage be overloaded so you have to spend more to pay for the various excesses. Happy holidays!


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