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Hot News! Here are 10 Typical Pattaya Souvenirs You Should Bring Home

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Typical Pattaya Souvenirs, When you hear the name Pattaya , we’re sure you’re already familiar, right? Yes, Pattaya is the name of a city in the Land of the White Elephant, Thailand which is one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Both local and international.

Pattaya itself has many popular tourist attractions that are always crowded with tourists. Call it Pattaya Floating Market, Mini Siam, Underwater World Pattaya to several beautiful beaches such as Pattaya Beach, Bang Saray Beach and Jomtien Beach.

Well, as one of the most famous tourist destinations in Thailand, Pattaya certainly doesn’t only have interesting tourist attractions to visit. Pattaya also has special souvenirs or souvenirs that you can take home after a vacation.

This time, wandering around will discuss 10 typical Pattaya souvenirs that you can certainly take home and make gifts for your loved ones in the country. What are those? Let’s check this out!

1. Handmade Shoes

One of the typical souvenirs of Pattaya that you can take home as a souvenir is handmade or handmade sandals or shoes. These shoes are the work of local artisans. These shoes exist thanks to the One Village One Product or One Tambon One Product program implemented by the White Elephant State government to support the local industry there.

The shoes made by local artisans are certainly of no less good quality than the shoes made by machines in big factories. So, if you go to Pattaya, don’t forget to buy these beautiful handmade shoes made by local residents.

2. Clothes

Shopping for clothes is indeed a must when we travel abroad. No exception in Typical Pattaya souvenirs, Thailand. Well, maybe if you shop for clothes or t-shirts with the words “Thailand” you have already done it.

Want something different? Just try going to the Typical Pattaya souvenirs Night Bazaar and buy a few pieces of clothing with various models and sizes which of course you can make as a souvenir from Pattaya. The clothes that are sold here are of course friendly prices. You can also look for t-shirts with the words “Pattaya” as gifts for your family at home.

3. Painting

In Typical Pattaya souvenirs, you can also buy paintings to be used as Typical Pattaya souvenirs. If you want to buy unique paintings at affordable prices, you can visit the Pattaya Night Bazaar. However, if you want to buy a painting at a price that is arguably higher and more authentic, you can buy the painting elsewhere. Like a specialty shop that sells a variety of paintings or home decorations.

4. Keychain

Yup ! This item is the easiest gift to get. Key chains are also one of the mandatory items during the holidays that must be brought home to be used as souvenirs for people at home, friends and even your neighbors. In Pattaya, you can buy key chains at many souvenir shops.

You can of course choose key chains with various shapes. Starting from the shape of the Thai flag to an elephant, which symbolizes the Land of the White Elephant. Souvenirs in the form of key chains, of course, you can buy at affordable prices, aka not making a hole in your wallet.

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5 Muay Thai Pants

Not only in Bangkok, in Typical Pattaya souvenirs you can also buy pants for you to wear when practicing Muay Thai when you arrive in the country. You can of course get these special sports pants from Thailand at affordable prices.

Oh yes, in Pattaya, you can buy these special Muay Thai pants at shopping centers or markets there. Well, for those who like to do Muay Thai, don’t forget to bring home Muay Thai pants if you go on vacation to Pattaya, OK?

6. Display

Displays such as jars or small statues are also typical Pattaya souvenirs that you can bring to give to your beloved family or you can display them yourself at home. One of the shops that sells various unique displays in Typical Pattaya souvenirs is Home Port, which is located on Central Pattaya Road.

In addition to selling displays, this shop also sells various furniture, souvenirs and paintings. Oh yes , all the items here are indeed sold at a higher price than usual. But, there is a price there is quality of course. Yep, the quality of the goods sold in this store is good.

For your info , the goods also have a distinct Thai characteristic. So, are you interested in shopping for various displays and other items here?

7. Food

Food or snacks are also very, very mandatory for you to bring as souvenirs, here. There are many special foods that you can buy. Starting from durian chips, sweets, squid snacks, mango sticky rice aka mango sticky rice to milk candy. You can also bring home instant tom yum and pad thai for souvenirs.

8. Silk Fabric

As we know, Thailand is one of the countries that produce quality silk fabrics. The average silk fabric in Thailand is made by hand or directly using human hands. So, it looks more authentic. Thai silk cloth is certainly very suitable to be used as souvenirs for family or relatives in Indonesia.

9. Soap

Besides silk cloth, Thailand is also famous as a producer of soap, especially Thai rice soap which is claimed to have many uses. One of them, of course, is to maintain the beauty and health of the skin. Well, you can usually get rice soap at pocket-friendly prices. So, don’t forget to bring rice soap to give as souvenirs too, okay?

10. Drinks

What is meant by drinks here, of course, is not alcoholic beverages or various types of drinks that are harmful to health. A typical drink that you can take home, of course, is instant Thai tea. Yes, although in Indonesia itself there are many who sell Thai tea with a variety of delicious toppings, there is nothing wrong for you to bring home instant Thai tea as a souvenir.

Of course, you can choose what souvenirs you want to bring home. Food, clothing and even knick-knacks such as key chains and displays are available. Well, don\’t forget to prepare a sufficient budget to buy Typical Pattaya souvenirs while on vacation to Pattaya, yes.

Those are the ten typical Pattaya souvenirs that you must bring home to be used as gifts or souvenirs for family members, friends or colleagues at work. The souvenirs included in the list above certainly have a price tag that varies, depending on where you buy it and depending on the quality of the item itself.

Have any of you ever shopped for souvenirs in Typical Pattaya souvenirs or in other parts of Thailand? Come on, share your shopping experiences or tips while in Typical Pattaya souvenirs or other places in Thailand with wandering readers through the comments column provided below. Eits, but before you get busy looking for souvenirs, also visit these 8 Tourist Places in Pattaya , yes!


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