Vacation Thailand, The Most Complete Collection Of Fun Tips For 2022

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Vacation thailand is a country with a fairly low cost of living. It’s not wrong if this country is often visited who want to experience a vacation abroad without spending a lot of money. Apart from that, this country is also quite close to Indonesia, so you only need to travel by plane for about 3-4 hours, depending on your departure city.

For a vacation Thailand, of course you have to prepare some important things. So, what are the important things you should know and prepare before going on a me-style vacation to the land of white elephants? Check out the following me tips for Thailand from the following!

1. Book Cheap Lodging

If you’re in Japan or South Korea , you can get lodging at a price of 300 thousand rupiah per night, especially if you’re in Thailand. Me tips to Vacation thailand this time invite you to look for lodging at a price of around 200 thousand rupiahs.

Well, where is your destination? Is it to Bangkok , Phuket , Krabi or Pattaya ? In these three areas which are usually used as tourist destinations, you can find comfortable hotels with room rates under 300 thousand rupiahs per night. So, you don’t need to worry about getting uncomfortable accommodation while in Thailand.

2. Hunting For Cheap Airplane Tickets

One of the airlines in Indonesia often gives massive discounts for flights abroad, one of which is Thailand. In fact, it is not uncommon for these airlines to sell plane tickets for next year’s flights.

So, if you already have plans for a me to Vacation thailand, buy the promo ticket. It doesn’t matter if you prepare for next year’s vacation from now on, right ? Choose an airport that is close to the tourist attractions you want to go to to save on transportation costs.

3. Learn a Little Thai

Here’s what you should know before traveling to Vacation thailand. Most people in Thailand do not speak English. In contrast to Singaporeans who can still communicate in English, although sometimes it is mixed with Mandarin.

Therefore, try to learn basic Thai or bring an online dictionary when you are backpacking in Thailand. At least you can say greetings like Sawaddi Kab/Kha. Kab is used when you talk to men, while Kha when you talk to women. Also, to say thank you you should say Khob Khun Kab/Kha .

4. Don’t hesitate to take public transportation

Tuk-tuk is one of the public transportation in Thailand which looks like the bajaj in Indonesia. Maybe you are curious to try this means of transportation. Actually, the tuk-tuk is a public means of transportation for the people of Vacation thailand. However, if the tuk-tuk driver knows that you are a foreigner, he can increase the fare up to 3 times.

Other public transportation solutions besides tuk-tuk are the MRT, Airport Rail Link, and Shuttle Bus. We suggest you to take the bus, because the price is cheap and not distinguished from other native Thai people.

5. Bring Enough Clothes

No need to bring a coat, scarf or boots. Because the climate in Vacation thailand is the same as in Indonesia. This country also only has 2 seasons, namely the rainy season and only summer. Therefore, bring clothes that you usually wear everyday in Indonesia. No need to bring extra clothes.

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Regarding footwear, you can bring flip flops and sneakers for traveling. You can wear flip flops when visiting the beach, while sneakers are worn when you are walking around the city.

6. Create Your Own Itinerary

The next me tips to Vacation thailand are very important for you. The reason is, you have to make your own itinerary and choose the places you really want to visit so that your vacation feels enjoyable.

Tips for making an itinerary for a vacation to Thailand is to compile a list of several tourist attractions that are close together, so that they can be traversed on the same route. An example is if you want to visit the Grand Palace, then you can simultaneously visit other tourist attractions such as Wat Arun or Wat Pho. Apart from saving time, a good itinerary will also help you save on transportation costs.

7. Convert Rupiah to Baht in Indonesia

If you plan to exchange rupiah for baht while in Vacation thailand, you should not do it. As a precaution, you should exchange currency while still in Indonesia. This is meant to be in case you have sudden expenses when you just arrive in Thailand.

After exchanging rupiah for baht, you can immediately go to Vacation thailand and have a me-style adventure without worrying about having to find a money changer while in the land of white elephants.

8. Taste Typical Thai Culinary at the Streets

It’s easy to find a variety of Thai culinary delights that are sold at street vendors. The taste is no less delicious than the dishes served in expensive restaurants. According to the me tips for Thailand that we share, the prices for Thai food are very cheap.

So, you don’t need to hesitate to taste all the typical culinary delights of this country, because you can try all Thai dishes without paying a fortune. Some Thai specialties that you must try when visiting there are Pad Thai , Tom Yam, and Mango Sticky Rice.

9. Visit Cheap and Free Tourist Attractions

As a me, looking for cheap and free tourist attractions while in Vacation thailand is an obligation. There are several free tourist spots that you can enjoy while in Thailand, such as a temple containing many buffalo skulls “Wat Hua Krabeu”, or a museum displaying imitation goods “Museum of Counterfeit Goods”.

Don’t forget to also visit the museum which is a little scary because it shows various torture tools and how to torture prisoners in the past “Bangkok Corrections Museum”. In addition, several temples in Thailand can also be visited for free.

10. Hunt for Economical Souvenirs

Don’t forget to bring Thai souvenirs for relatives in Indonesia. You don’t need to worry, because there are lots of cheap shopping places in Thailand , as reviewed by Keluyuran some time ago.

You can hunt for souvenirs at Chatuchak Weekend Market, Khao San Road, or Chinatown. In fact, several shopping attractions in Vacation thailand allow you to bargain for goods as cheaply as possible.

What are the me tips for Vacation thailand this time? Are you ready to take a trip to the land of white elephants? If you are interested, you can save from now to prepare for a me-style vacation to Thailand. Don’t delay any longer! Because apart from having beautiful beaches, temple tours, cheap shopping places, and delicious culinary delights, you can also feel the sensation of extreme food in Thailand . Come on, start hunting tickets!


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