Wow! This Is The Estimate For The Cost Of A Vacation To Thailand 2022

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Vacation to Thailand 2022, Who wants to vacation in Thailand’s White Elephant country? You who are reading this article must be one of them, right? Yes! Besides Singapore and Malaysia, Thailand is a country in ASEAN which is also a target tourist destination for tourists from Indonesia.

What’s going on in Vacation to Thailand? The answers are all there, ranging from beach tours, temple tours, shopping tours, and no less famous is culinary tourism. In fact, a visit to Thailand will not be enough just once because there are quite a few areas worth visiting, such as Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Phi-Phi Island, Krabi and many more.

Another reason why you should come here is because the vacation costs are quite affordable. You could say that the vacation budget to Thailand is almost the same as the Vacation to Thailand budget to Malaysia, but it is more economical when compared to the cost of a vacation to Singapore .

So, how much budget is needed to spend a vacation to Thailand? Here’s the full review.

1. Flight Ticket Vacation to Thailand

Most first timers land in Bangkok, then explore other areas such as pattaya, phuket, and others. In Bangkok itself there are two airports that serve international flights, namely Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang. What’s the difference?

Suvarnabhumi Airport is reserved for departures and arrivals of full service airlines , while Don Mueang Airport is specifically for low budget airlines. So, it’s been decided at which airport to land?

Normal flight ticket prices to Bangkok range from 2 to 3 million for LCC (Low Cost Carrier) airlines and around 3 to 5 million for full service airlines. If you are diligent in hunting for promo tickets and you happen to be lucky, you can get cheap prices in the range of 1.5 million or even cheaper than that.

Most of the super cheap promo prices are indeed sold by LCC airlines such as Air Asia, Thai Lion, or Scoot. The price is assuming no luggage and only a cabin of 7kg. So as an illustration, prepare funds of around 1.5 to 2 million rupiah for plane tickets.

2. Lodging For A Vacation to Thailand

Don’t be surprised because lodging prices in Bangkok and other areas of Vacation to Thailand are very pocket-friendly. For backpacker hostels with dormitory criteria and shared bathrooms without breakfast, the rate starts from IDR 100 thousand only. Even though it’s cheap, don’t underestimate it because hostels in Bangkok are quite comfortable and clean.

If you want something more comfortable and more private, you can stay at a hotel with a price range of IDR 350 thousand per night. And if you want to save even more, you can invite friends to share costs and stay at a hotel together. Quite economical, right? So, as a reference, you should average the cost of staying at IDR 200 thousand for one night.

3. Eat In Vacation to Thailand

Grateful because the price of food in Vacation To Thailand is cheap and not many times the price as in Singapore. The range for a single meal in Thailand is 50 – 200 baht depending on where you buy the food.

For snacks or food at street vendors, you only need to spend 50-100 baht or around 15 to 40 thousand rupiah. As for eating at restaurants or fast food in big malls, prepare a budget of around 150 to 200 baht or still less than Rp. 100 thousand.

Of course, the amount depends on how many menus and portions you order. The more, the more expensive it will be, right?

As an estimate, for one meal with a menu package consisting of heavy food, drink and dessert or snacks, prepare an allocation of 100 thousand rupiah. With this price, it is quite luxurious for backpackers in Vacation to Thailand.

If you really want to save money, you can, the difficult thing is to resist the urge not to snack. So, we just average for the cost of eating one day is Rp. 200 thousand.

In Vacation to thailand, snacks and food are cheap and delicious. The appearance is also appetizing, ranging from fresh and large fruits, street food such as fried chicken, seafood skewers, mango sticky rice dessert, to foods such as tom yum, as if there is no end to talk about Thai cuisine. So it’s a shame if you’ve come all the way here but haven’t tasted all the delicious culinary delights.

4. Transportation Vacation to Thailand

There are many types of transportation in Thailand that are ready to take tourists to explore this country. But the most popular and economical are buses, boats, and also BTS.

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The fares for these three transportations are quite cheap because they only range from 15 to 55 Baht for one trip depending on the distance to the destination. So to save on the transportation budget, make an itinerary for nearby tourist attractions.

For taxis and Grab (online taxis) the fare is almost the same as in the country, and depends on how far the destination is. Taking a taxi or taxi online is only recommended if you really bring your luggage, or indeed go together with friends so that you can share costs to save money.

So for the allocation of transportation funds in a day, you can set a budget of 200 Baht, and that\’s more than enough.

However, the calculation is certainly different if you travel to different areas of the city such as from Bangkok to Phuket. Or you visit a place that is not covered by BTS or MRT, such as if you want to go to Chocolate Ville or Santorini park, of course there will be a large additional transport fee because the calculation is out of town. So back to the itinerary you made.

How about a tuk-tuk? Although the tuk-tuk is the country’s signature form of transportation, be warned that the usual tuk-tuk fares are unreasonable for tourists. But if you’re still curious and want to try, don\’t forget to bargain for the tuk-tuk fare first.

5. SIM Card

An internet network is a mandatory thing that you must have when traveling. In Vacation To Thailand, there is not much free wifi, so the most economical thing to get internet network there is to buy a local SIM CARD instead of the hefty roaming rates.

You can easily find a local SIM CARD when you arrive at the airport. How much does it cost? Only around IDR 70 thousand for an active period of 8 days. With an internet quota package, which is definitely enough to cover your vacation time in Vacation To Thailand .

6. Tourist Attractions

There are so many interesting tourist attractions in Vacation To Thailand. The estimated cost of tourist attractions depends on which place you want to visit, Bangkok, for example. Tourist attractions in Bangkok that you must visit include temple and king palace tours such as visiting the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun.

The entrance ticket price for each of these places is the Grand Palace 500 Baht (about Rp. 235 thousand), Wat Arun 50 Baht (Rp. 24 thousand), and Wat Pho 100 Baht (Rp. 47 thousand).

For a Grand Palace ticket for approximately IDR 230 thousand, that includes free admission to the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall and Vinnamek Mansion. Quite satisfied, right?

Different cities, of course, different tourist attractions. If you visit Pattaya, Phuket or Krabi which are beaches, usually the biggest expense is for boat rentals which range from 1500 – 3500 baht for a private boat, or for renting a boat with other tourists at a rate of 600-700 baht per person. Not to mention if you want to watch typical shows in Thailand such as Muai Thai and lady boy , of course, you will increase your expenses .

And the most dangerous is when visiting shopping attractions such as Chatucak Market and shopping centers such as Platinum, MBK and many more. You should budget the size of the budget according to your shopping appetite and purchasing power of each.

7. Shopping and Souvenirs

It’s definitely crazy when shopping in Vacation To Thailand . Typical souvenirs such as food, clothes, souvenirs, and many more are sold at low prices with good quality. We recommend that you adjust the amount of luggage so you don’t overbudget when buying souvenirs. Or are you ready to buy extra baggage because you can’t control your shopping appetite?

With a budget of Rp. 500 thousand rupiah, you can buy small gifts, either food or souvenirs in a decent amount, such as candied manga (dried mango), soap, bags and wallets decorated with elephants, or Thai key chains.

You can check more details in the article on Typical Thai Souvenirs that You Must Buy . In terms of budget, the allocation of Rp. 500 thousand is enough to buy souvenirs for friends and family.

8. Estimated Cost of Holiday 4 days 3 nights in Bangkok

As an illustration, the following will share the estimated budget for a special 3-day itinerary in Bangkok only. A multi-city itinerary in Vacation To Thailand will follow! Here’s more:

  • CGK-DMK-CGK flight ticket for IDR 2 million
  • Lodging 3 nights @ IDR 200 thousand. So a total of IDR 600 thousand
  • The cost of eating 4 days (1 day 3 meals) @ IDR 200 thousand. Total RP 800 thousand
  • Transportation 4 days @ 100 thousand. Total IDR 400 thousand
  • Local Sim Card IDR 70 thousand.
  • Tourist Attractions Entrance Ticket
  • Day 1 Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho around IDR 300 thousand
  • Day 2 Shopping tour : Chatuchak Market, and Patrunam Area no entrance ticket (free)
  • Day 3 Madame Tussaud Museum IDR 300 thousand, Ride the Ferris Wheel at Asiatique IDR 200 thousand
  • Shopping and Souvenirs RP 700 thousand.
  • So for an estimated total of 4 days 3 nights vacation in Bangkok, Thailand is around Rp. 5.5 million. This figure is of course very likely to change depending on the style of the Vacation To Thailand and the itinerary you are compiling, it can be more expensive and it is also possible to be much more economical.

The estimates above are only an illustration for those of you who are saving for a vacation to Thailand . Well if you want to add, you can share it in the comments column too, yes! Happy holiday!


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