10 Most Beautiful Villages in France for a Romantic Getaway

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10 Most Beautiful Villages in France for a Romantic Getaway

Les Plus Beaux Villages de France is an independent association that helps promote tourism in beautiful villages that are rich in cultural heritage. In order to be promoted, these villages must meet predetermined criteria.

There are about 156 villages that have been listed as the most beautiful villages in France in this association. These villages are scattered all over France. Everything will surely amaze you. The villages that become tourist villages are expected to be helped economically.

How beautiful the villages are, here are some of the most beautiful villages in France that you shouldn’t miss, which you will definitely be treated to with extraordinary beauty.

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1. Moustier Saint Marie (Provence- Alpes- Côte d’Azur)

Moustier Saint Marie is a village that has been named the most beautiful village in France. A large and mighty relief formation seemed to fortify the village below.

The lavender fields in the village make the village look even more beautiful. The place is good to be used as a background for you to take pictures with a nature theme.

In the past, this village was famous for its pottery, but it disappeared for a while, but now pottery is alive again in this village with dozens of studios re-preserving it.

The beauty of the village with pastel colored buildings and some of its medieval buildings are the main attractions of Moustier Village to visit. Guaranteed you will feel at home here.

2. Locronan (Brittany)

Locronan is a village whose name is taken from the name of Saint Ronan who is an Irish hermit who lives in this village. During the Renaissance, the village was famous as a village of weavers who produced fine weave, making them a supplier of sails for the navy.

Not only that, this village is also known for its trade. Strolling in Locronan Village you will be treated to houses from the 18th century. The streets use ancient asphalt with cobbled squares.

And of course you will find the Church of Saint Ronan, a church from the 15th century with a gothic architectural style. You can also enjoy a sweet crêpe while sitting back and enjoying the village atmosphere.

3. Riquewihr (Great East)

The village of Rigquewihr is a small beauty amongst mountains and vineyards. This small village in the Alsace region is near the border between France and Germany.

It is said that this small village became the inspiration for a Disney movie, Beauty and The Beast . In addition to its beauty, you will also find peace while walking along the streets.

Located near the German border, the architecture of this village gets a bit of influence from village architecture in Germany in the 16th century. This can be seen from the use of wooden elements, as well as a balcony decorated with flowers. Its narrow streets are part of the famous Alsace Wine Route .

4. Peillon (Provence- Alpes- Côte d’Azur)

Peillon Village is a beautiful village for those who love adventure to visit. The location of this village is at the height of a hill. You can use a vehicle or also by hiking to get there.

If you want to save money, hiking is the right choice, plus you can enjoy beautiful scenery along the way.

Peillon village perched on a cliff seems to be an inseparable part of the rock formation. This village offers a taste of living 500 years back in a quite remote place. When walking through the village you can enjoy the natural beauty around where the village is located.

5. Collonges-La-Rouge (New Aquitaine)

Collonges – La – Rouge is a village that stands out with the brick color of its buildings. This brick red color almost adorns the entire village. This brick red color is produced from local sandstone which is rich in iron.

The architecture of the building also looks stunning. Every corner is beautiful as a spot for selfies. The uniqueness and beauty of this village is a pity to pass up. The entire village of Collonges is even classified as a historical monument.

Apart from the color of the building, Collonges la Rouge is also known to have 25 towers with conical roofs. Some of the buildings also date back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

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6. Eguisheim (Great East)

Eguisheim is a village that is also included in the Alsace Wine Route , and the village itself is surrounded by 339 hectares of vineyards. The village is quite small, you can go around the village in about one to two hours.

The beauty of this medieval village is also the birthplace of a Pope named Pope Leo IX . Eguisheim was a village built in a circular shape with a castle at the center. The castle is named Château-Bas d’Eguisheim or commonly known as St. Leon.

The square of his village is decorated with a Renaissance-style fountain that has an octagonal shape. While at the top of the fountain is decorated with a statue of Pope Leon.

7. Seillans (Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur)

Seillans is a village that is included in the most beautiful villages in France. The location of Seillan Village is perched on the height of a hill and has a fairly steep road when compared to other villages which are also perched on a hill or mountain.

You can only access this village road on foot. Seillan village is a unique village because the village is like a labyrinth with the streets in the form of alleys.

In Seillan you can also find a medieval castle as well as the Church of Saint Léger dating from the 11th century. When you enter the village you will be greeted by a statue of Génie de la Bastille which is the work of Max Ernst.

8. Gordes (Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur)

Gordes is one of the most beautiful villages in France which is located on the hilltop of the Monts of Vaucluse. Most of the houses in Gordes Village are made of white stone, with the position of the house attached to a mountain cliff.

The view from these houses looks amazing when you see it from a distance. Gordes is also inhabited by many artists who make this village even more famous. Gordes Village also has a festival which is usually held in the summer.

The beautiful scenery of Gordes Village also attracted filmmakers to make this village the setting for their films. The film A Good Year , starring Russell Crowe also uses this village as a setting in the film.

Rochefort – en – Terre (Brittany)

This village was chosen as the most favorite village in France in 2016, that title certainly makes this village a must for you to visit when traveling to France.

The village of Rochefort-en-Terre is a beautiful and well-maintained village, and the architecture of the buildings fascinates everyone who visits.

This village is also the residence of the wealthy merchants who built their houses around the village. You can see the castle buildings they built along the Rue de Porche to the Place du Puits.

As you walk the streets of this village, you will come across a castle dating from the 12th century that had previously been badly damaged until it was finally renovated.

The village is also a place favored by artists in the past. One artist who is also interested in this village is Alfred Klotz, he is also the one who renovated the castle building which was damaged in the 1800s.

You can visit the gardens and gardens of this castle every year and also without having to pay an entrance ticket or it is free.

10. Domme (Dorgone)

Domme is a fortified medieval village, with magnificent views of the village hills. When you come to this village you will be greeted with a golden gate from a fortress.

In the past, the fort and towers in this village were used as a prison for the Templars in the 14th century. Not only beautiful, but this village is also rich in history. The village with its fortifications is a witness to a long war between England and France.

The fort contained here has a strategic function in defense during the Hundred Years’ War between France and England. Despite the long war, this fortified village is still well maintained without any injuries.

Those are some of the beautiful villages that you can find in France , they are of course only a small part of the many beautiful villages in France that are still waiting to be explored again.

Walking through the streets is like walking in a beautiful work of art. The villages bring their own romance when you explore them.

Some of the villages are villages that date back to the Middle Ages which are still well-maintained and well-preserved. Most of these villages usually have a castle which is the main attraction of the village.

The architecture of the village is also stunning which will be felt when you set foot in the villages, making you feel like a time traveler. Which village are you interested in?


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