Spring Break in Japan

What to Bring During Spring Break in Japan 1

What to Bring During Spring Break in Japan

What to Bring During Spring Break in Japan , Cherry blossoms that bloom in spring break are the season that Japanese citizens and travelers look forward to . Enjoying the beautiful blooming cherry blossoms

while chatting with family or friends is certainly a very awaited time. Please note, the temperature in early spring is still cold with a range of 7°-16° Celsius . Meanwhile, in the middle of the season the temperature will slowly rise in the range of 10°-17° Celsius . And in late spring it will be warmer at around 12°-25° Celsius.

If you plan to take a vacation to the land of cherry blossoms to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom in spring break, of course you have to prepare clothes that are suitable and comfortable to wear so that you can still move freely. This time, we will give some tips on what clothes to bring when you go on vacation to Japan in the spring.

Autumn Clothes in Japan as one of fave spring break holidays

Early spring break in Japan usually takes place at the end of March or early April, but at the beginning of this spring the cherry blossoms are usually not fully bloomed. The temperature will still feel quite cold because of the transition from winter. Here are the clothes you can bring in the spring.

1. T-shirt

If you like a casual look, you can wear a t-shirt with a cotton base that is light enough to absorb sweat well. If you are bored with regular t-shirts, you can try wearing polo shirts or sleeveless shirts.

If you don’t wear outerwear. You should wear a shirt that is thick enough. Because even though the temperature is starting to warm up. It will feel cold enough for us who are from tropical countries.

2. Shirt

Spring Break in Japan 1, The next clothes that are suitable for all seasons and events are shirts. You can choose a semi-formal shirt or a tunic shirt for a leisurely walk enjoying the view of the cherry blossoms.

You can choose a shirt with short sleeves or three quarters to keep it comfortable and cool. For colors, you can choose pastel or old colors. And you can also choose a shirt with a plaid pattern.

3. Dress

For those of you who like to look feminine. You can wear a dress to accompany your spring break. You can wear a maxi-dress or a knee-length dress. You can also wear dresses with bright colors, pastel colors or dresses with floral patterns. Wear a dress made of light too, so it’s not too hot when the temperature starts to warm up.

4. Jeans

Jeans are indeed pants that are almost suitable to be worn for various seasons, including in spring break. You can wear jeans with light, muted colors or other jeans that are your favorite.

You can wear long, three-quarters or short jeans, the important thing is to prioritize comfort when wearing them.

5. Skirt

For you feminine women, you can also wear your favorite skirt when spring break arrives. You can wear A-line skirts, pleated skirts, maxi skirts and so on.

As with dresses, you can wear skirts that are brightly colored, pastel colors or those with floral patterns. Because usually flower patterns will start wearing a lot when spring break arrives.

Autumn Outerwear in Japan

Temperatures in early spring are usually still quite chilly due to the transition from winter. Especially there is a difference in temperature between morning, noon, and night, where usually at night the temperature feels cold. Even in the spring, it still rains with light to moderate intensity. Therefore you need outerwear to protect your body like the following clothes.

1. Rain Jacket

Spring Break in Japan 1, As mentioned earlier, in the spring sometimes it still rains with small to heavy intensity. So you should prepare a rain jacket to protect your body from heavy rain.

Don’t forget to bring a rain jacket which is light enough so it doesn’t fill your suitcase. And don’t forget to wear something comfortable, so you can still move freely even though it’s raining.

2. Coat

To protect your body from the cold temperatures in early spring, you can wear a coat. There are various types of coats that you can choose from and wear when on vacation in the spring.

But it’s better to wear a coat that is not too thick so it doesn’t fill your suitcase. In addition, you can choose a coat with pastel or dark colors in the spring, just mix and match .

3. Denim Jacket

For you lovers of denim jackets, it’s time for you to wear your favorite denim jacket. Because, this jacket can be an option for you to wear when on vacation in spring.

This denim jacket is great for mix and match with a variety of outfits and includes a jacket that can protect against the chilly temperatures of early spring.

4. Cardigan

Lastly, there is the cardigan. Cardigan is an outer garment that is quite comfortable to wear because the material is usually soft and warm when worn. You can choose a cardigan whose material is light to wear in spring.

As with other outerwear, you can wear a cardigan when it feels a bit cold and can take it off when the temperature gets warmer.

Footwear in Autumn in Japan

It’s the same with clothes, you also need to pay attention to footwear. Especially if it will be used to take a walk to enjoy the spring scenery in Japan. Don’t forget to wear shoes that will make you comfortable all day long. Here are some types of shoes that you can bring during spring break in Japan.

1. Sneakers

Footwear that you can wear during your spring vacation is sneakers. This sneaker is a shoe that is suitable for everyday activities, including walking in the spring.

These sneakers are one of the favorite footwear worn when walking. You can wear your favorite sneakers, make sure the shoes are comfortable to wear all day long.

2. Flat shoes

Apart from sneakers, shoes that are comfortable to wear for daily activities including walking are flat shoes . By wearing these shoes, even though they look casual, they are still sufficient to protect the feet from cold temperatures.

There are various types of flat shoes that you can choose from, such as slip on flat shoes, casual loafers or oxfords for vintage styles and many other flat shoe choices .

3. Sandals

If you are lazy to wear closed shoes, you can wear sandals. With the temperature slowly rising to become warmer, these sandals can certainly be an option.

There are various types of sandals that you can use, from those that have strips , mountain sandals or even slip ons and so on. Remember, prioritize comfort when going for a long walk.

Clothing Accessories for Autumn in Japan

In addition to clothes and footwear, you can also consider bringing some accessories that can be useful when you are on vacation in spring in Japan. Here are some accessories that you can bring.

1. Umbrella

Since it still rains occasionally in the spring, you might consider bringing an umbrella. In order not to overcrowd your bag or suitcase, you can bring a folding umbrella for easy portability.

But, if you are lazy or even forget to bring an umbrella, you can buy it at the nearest shops there. You can choose an umbrella that has a cute pattern so you don’t get bored when it rains.

2. Glasses

The next accessory is glasses. Besides being able to protect your eyes when the sun is hot enough, it can also support your more stylish appearance.

There are various types of eyewear choices from lens color and also eyeglass frames that you can choose, one of which is sunglasses. Or just wear your go-to glasses.

3. Hat

If you like wearing hats, you can wear them during your spring vacation. Wear a light hat made of cotton or straw. Or you can also wear your favorite hat to accompany your spring vacation.

In addition to supporting your appearance, a hat can also be useful when the weather is hot enough so that it can protect your head from the sun.

The key when you are going on a spring vacation in Japan is to adjust your clothes. If the temperature is still cold, it is better to wear layered clothes. Don’t forget to always check the weather forecast in every area in Japan that you will visit so you don’t wear the wrong clothes.

In addition, it is also necessary to know, usually starting at the end of April there are holidays that occur in a row or often also called the golden week . At that time the number of tourists will usually increase drastically, so you have to be physically prepared.

You can also read articles to add references to vacationing in Japan about places that can be interesting to visit in spring at 6 Spring Vacation Spots in Japan and also 10 Spring Festivals in Japan .

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